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JUNIUS is a family business.


JUNIUS is a family business. They make award-winning, phytonutrient-rich cold pressed juices with a whole-body approach to wellbeing. Designed by a Functional Medicine expert, their unique 7 Pillars target health goals beyond detox and energy, with each delicious sip. JUNIUS juices focus on prevention and feeding the roots of health, so you can feel great, do more, and be more. Their range is also gluten and dairy-free, and handmade in small batches in the UK.

Founded and led by certified Functional Medicine expert Maria King, each product in our collection of Junius juices are designed with a different wellbeing goal in mind. From helping to optimise gut health and supporting a healthy immune system to improving your resilience to stress, Junius makes sure that you hit your healthy living goals with each delicious sip. As a UK stockist of Junius juices, browse the selection at healf and get free UK delivery on all orders over £50.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cold-pressed juices?

Each of the juices from Junius are handcrafted in small batches and cold-pressed. This process extracts pure juice from fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs and retains more natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. None of the juices are pasteurised, with Junius instead using High Pressure Processing to remove potentially harmful bacteria.

Are Junius juices vegan-friendly?

All of the juices from Junius are 100% vegan with the exception of their FAB shot, as this contains marine collagen. Their cold-pressed plant-based juices are also gluten and dairy free, with no additional sugars added to their recipes.

Can you drink Junius juices during pregnancy?

Junius juices have been designed so that they can be taken by anyone, including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, to reach their preferred health goals. However, it is always best to check with your GP or midwife before taking any supplements, including their range of cold-pressed juices.