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Written by: Eleanor Hoath


Healf Journal

Just because you're taking part in a health trend doesn't mean that you have to skip on socialising. We've curated the perfect list of healf certified locations that you can add to your list...

Written by Eleanor Hoath - Healf Journal Editor & Nutritional Therapist

Farmacy - Notting Hill London

Organically and biodynamically prepared between the soil and the sun, every dish is nutritionally curated for those passionate about taste, provenance and ‘living food’ recipes that are good for human health and sustainability. Just as nature intended.

Land - Birmingham

Using freshest ingredients and innovative techniques to create the dishes inspired by the world's flavours, this plant-focused and seasonal restaurant explores the possibilities of the vegetables.

Bubala - Soho & Spitafields London

Taking inspiration from the Middle East's culture-rich flavours, textures, sights and sounds, Bubala gets its name from the Yiddish word for "darling". Spitalfields and Soho locations offer two different and delicious dining options in London. A small and intimate London favourite!

Food For Friends - Brighton

Whenever possible, local and organic produce is used, with influences from around the world. Everything is made from scratch. Organic, biodynamic and with natural wines complement delicious food and support the ethos of pure ingredients and healthy living.

Twelve Eatery, Bournemouth

Using organic produce and plant-based nutrition, Twelve offers you a way of dining that is both open minded and conscious, situated on the cusp of the Bournemouth beaches it's a must!

Tendril - Soho London

By bringing the Root-to-Shoot Dining experience to life, Tendril is moving the conversation away from the overused term ‘plant based’ and putting the spotlight back on the amazing vegetables.

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