Founded by two brothers, Lestat & Max, healf is a community powered UK retailer for the highest quality brands across 4 pillars of health: Eat, Move, Mind, Sleep. We believe in everyday healthy living, built up day-by-day through simple yet effective rituals.

We are on a mission to change the way the world thinks about health by uniting health and living into the everyday. Not that one time yoga class or occasional supplement. But the rituals you build up and that provide you the foundation for everyday healthy living.


What we stand for
Our Community

Our community stands at the backbone of our business. They test every product that goes live onto the store and our Guardians of health to the world.

Our Customer Experience

A healthy customer is the number one thing that we can deliver through our business. Hence, everything we do is to ensure the customers gets everything they need.

Our brands

Without our brands nothing would be possible. We take great pride in working with the best brands in the industry to spread the joy of healthy living.