Date 21.03.2023

4 unique ways to incorporate matcha into your diet

4 unique ways to incorporate matcha into your diet

Matcha is a well-known superfood packed with health benefits that has been consumed for centuries. Originally coming from Japan, the Camellia sinensis tea plant was traditionally used as a ceremonial tea. The plant is shielded from direct sunlight to increase compounds like chlorophyll, caffeine, amino acids, and antioxidants. After harvesting, leaves are steamed, dried, sorted, and then ground into a fine powder.

Drinks like matcha tea and matcha latte have been increasing in popularity not only because of matcha’s unique, earthy taste but also because of matcha’s numerous health benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Lowered cholesterol
  • Improved circulation, attention, and memory
  • Supported digestion, heart health, metabolism, cognitive function, and cancer prevention
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Protection against neurodegenerative disorders and cognitive decline
  • Promoted relaxation

If you want to try matcha as a traditional green tea, check out Pukka: Clean Matcha Green Tea. It’s the perfect matcha tea for those who are new to matcha or for those who want to try a new brand of matcha tea.

In addition to tea, however, there are numerous other ways to incorporate matcha into your everyday diet like in smoothies, drinks, baked goods, etc. By using products like Kiki Health: Premium Ceremonial Matcha Powder or Vital Proteins: Matcha Collagen, you can add powdered matcha into a variety of recipes and foods and reap all of the benefits. Here are a few ideas and recipe recommendations of ways to uniquely incorporate matcha into your everyday diet.

List of unique matcha recipes

Besides the four ideas below, there are numerous other ways to incorporate matcha into your recipes. Just by adding a dash of matcha powder into any recipe you will reap the health benefits. These four ideas are meant to serve as an inspiration for ways to incorporate matcha and all include a linked recipe to follow.


Adding matcha to your smoothie is not only super easy but also super delicious! Add some kale, cucumber, and matcha green tea powder to your regular smoothie recipe. The fruity flavors combined with the grassy flavour of matcha creates a delicious, refreshing smoothie alternative to normal matcha tea. Feel free to experiment with sweetness levels by adding fresh cream, Greek yogurt, and dry fruits.

Matcha smoothie recipe we love


Matcha in oatmeal is not only extremely healthy for your diet but an amazing cozy breakfast idea. Packed with matcha flavor, matcha oatmeal is a quick and easy to make breakfast idea that is extremely nourishing. You can also make the oatmeal completely your own by adding your favorite toppings such as fruit, coconut flakes, almond butter, or sprinkle even more matcha powder.

An amazing vegan and gluten-free matcha oatmeal recipe

Salad dressings

Matcha in a salad dressing is the perfect way to incorporate matcha’s unique earthy flavor into a healthy and hearty salad. As a nice antioxidant boost to your salad, matcha tastes especially good with flavors like ginger and citrus. Like a lot of salad dressings, you can be versatile and experiment with different ingredients and proportions.

A lightened version of the classic green goddess salad dressing

Ice pops

Although matcha is usually associated with beverages like teas and lattes, it can also be consumed in frozen form. Using matcha in an ice pop is the perfect refreshing treat for a hot afternoon that is packed with all of the healthy benefits that matcha contains. This matcha food idea is perfect for those who want a refreshing treat that isn’t too sweet but extremely easy to make.

A delicious and refreshing matcha ice pop recipe


Matcha is a popular superfood for a very good reason. Full of numerous health benefits, matcha can be used in a variety of foods besides just tea and lattes. It is important to be mindful of what food you put in your body, but it is equally important to have fun with what you eat, experiment and try new ideas. The possibilities of matcha are endless!


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