Date 10.06.2020

A 'Busy Dads' Simple Health Tips

A 'Busy Dads' Simple Health Tips

What health means for me 

Years of burning out as a dad and not taking care of yourself, really takes its toll on you. Then, a few months ago, through all the tips listed below I had gradually begun to heal myself. It was a slow process but I had finally accessed my mind fully, which I realised was the golden key to all areas of health. Through the guide below I hope to assist you in accessing the mind and achieving my idea of health.

My 5 health tips

  1. Meditation every day - keeps me sane and my mind clear - I use a pillow in my bedroom to sit on the floor for 20 minutes every night before bed
  2. I do yoga every night - I need a sticky yoga mat because I get so sweaty!
  3. I drink lots of healthy smoothies when I don't have time to eat and digest food
  4. This is the biggest thing for me - I wake up at the same time every single day no matter what - you cannot even believe how important this is
  5.  I have a bath at every night using 'epsom salts' - helps me to unwind and relax my muscles after a long day

Hope these tips help! They have helped me with my work and also my family life greatly!


Written by Bob Desmond, a dad of 4 and tech entrepreneur.

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