Date 17.06.2020

A 'Dancing Yoga Teachers' Simple Health Tips

A 'Dancing Yoga Teachers' Simple Health Tips

What health means to me

Hello, my name is Jasmine, I am a personal trainer and a yoga teacher.
Before, I was a professional dancer for a couple of years in Italy, then I decided to move to England and start my PT business.
Health for me means self care. Practicing any kind of sports keep us younger and stronger than any beauty products or miracle cure.

My 5 health tips

1. Have a plan. Write down each week a time for you to dedicate towards your favourite sport.

2. Eat colourful, have a balanced and varied diet.

3. Walk everywhere, it is one of the best exercises and a great way to get some fresh air but also see amazing views.

4. Take time for yourself. Plan some time that you can dedicate to your favourite person: yourself.

5. Have a buddy. It is motivating and fun to have a friend to join you into your active and healthy routine.

Written by @jasyfitness

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