Date 04.07.2020

A 'Mental Health Champions' Simple Health Tips

A 'Mental Health Champions' Simple Health Tips


What Health Means To Me

Hi, my name is Ellie, my health journey has definitely been a long one! I started in November last year. For me my journey has been tough. I’ve had to battle mental health alongside it but right now I feel like I’ve found a balance and I now understand a lot more about calorie deficits and that the word ‘diet’ is wrong because it a lifestyle change! That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned along the way and I now am in the right mindset and make healthy changes to my life (also the Courtney Black app has helped me). Once again thank you for reaching out and asking about my story because I just want to help people just like me who feel a bit lost or uneducated in healthy living.


My 5 Health Tips

1. It’s a lifestyle not a fad diet. Making small changes will mean you can carry on and you won’t burn out. Cutting out things completely won't work, everything in moderation.

2. Learn to love you for you and don’t compare yourself or your progress to anyone else. I wasn’t making a significant amount of progress at the start but I kept going and slowly started to see a change.

3. Talk to others that have been or are on the journey to a healthier version of themselves. Making my fitness Instagram has been the best thing ever, at any time during the day I can jump on there and I know there’s people there to support me. People who have been on the journey for a long time are more knowledge than you and use their knowledge to help you!

4. Make sure you enjoy your workouts. If you don’t enjoy your workout routine you won’t be able to reach your full potential. It took me a long time to understand what types of workouts my body prefers

5. If you find you lack motivation it’s okay to take a break. In fact one day I didn’t and I burnt myself out and I had to take a week out to rest my body. Pressing reset is okay!!! It’s not you giving up it’s you letting your body get ready to keep going. And always remember you’ll never regret healthy eating or that morning workout !

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