A Healf Pre and Post Alcohol Guide

Written by: Lestat McCree


Healf Journal

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to drinking alcohol in a healthy way. Each of us defines a healthy amount and cut-off number differently depending on our biological sex, age, health, and body composition. In addition, wellness experts have long disputed the link between alcohol and health. Although some studies promote the health benefits of alcohol such as red wine, others, as well as experts, claim that no amount of alcohol should be consumed.

At Healf, we're passionate about providing a balanced view - and rather than remove the alcohol entirely, we're providing a science backed approach to finding balance & encouraging you to always listen to your body.

Navigating the weekend

As you prepare for the weekend, make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity to have some control over your choices, since we can find ourselves deviating from our original plans as we make social plans over the weekend. Despite the fact that we are against the "stay on track" mentality, there are a few things we can do to make sure we stay on track while also enjoying ourselves and staying on track with our weekly norms.

Your Healf Pre Alcohol Guide

  1. High protein intake - in younger years, we were told that carbohydrates were the answer to ‘soak up the alcohol’, but sadly that’s not the case. Alcohol can cause glucose levels to DROP to an unhealthy range – also known as Hypoglycaemia. This can be worsened by drinking on an empty stomach. Hypoglycemia can cause dizziness, confusion, and fainting. It is important to be aware of the signs of hypoglycemia and take action to prevent it. Similarly, opting for a high protein option before drinking will support the liver's natural detoxification process of the alcohol, which requires essential amino acids from protein in order to detox appropriately. Enjoying alcohol WITH a meal is preferable.

  1. Setting boundaries and intention - Peer pressure can be intesne. Even with the price of drinks we can still find ourselves finding it hard to say no. “Can I get you a drink?” Be prepared with a response in mind, like “I'm alright, thank you. I’m done for the night,” or opting for something non/low alcoholic instead. Here are some of our favourites. Remind yourself of why you're saying no & finding the empowerment to know when to draw the line and say “no” because drinking should always be a choice and not an obligation. Being open and honest with your loved ones about your health goals can clear the air and set your tone for future meet-ups. And if you’re invited to an event you know will be overflowing with alcohol, coming back to the why - it’s acceptable to say no & do something alternative that fills your alternative cup instead!

  1. Showing your gut bacteria love - ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic is a patented, genetically engineered probiotic that helps you land on your feet the day after drinking alcohol. Designed to replicate the natural liver process, but it is in your gut. Using the probiotic bacteria you already eat every day, and bioengineering it to produce the same type of enzyme your liver already produces. That enzyme breaks down acetaldehyde – an unwanted byproduct of alcohol that forms in your gut when you drink.

  1. Prepare your ‘when I get home stack’ - more on this later!

What to order...

Simplicity is the best option when it comes to what you’re choosing on the menu. Afterall, at Healf we try to steer clear of a ‘cocktail’ of ingredients that we do not understand.

  1. Cocktails – unfortunately these are filled with additional ingredients and sugars from flavourings, syrups and condiments. Simplicity is key & the bitter, the better!

      1. Champagne

      2. ‘On the Rocks’ options

      3. Spirits with Soda

      4. Red & White Wine

      5. Martini

      6. Hard Seltzers (unsweetened)

  1. Mixers – if opting for a spirit based drink, consider what you’re mixing your spirit with. ‘Sodas’ such as Coca Cola, Lemonade, Cranberry Juice and are high up on the sugar scale and therefore can see us having a crash (hello midnight munchies). Opting for ‘soda water’ and fresh lime (rather than lime cordial) is a much kinder choice.

  1. Enjoying drinks WITH meals - it goes without saying that enjoying food with alcohol is preferable, especially now that we know of the importance of protein for supporting our body with alcohol. Similarly, the subconscious act of eating whilst drinking will ultimately result in drinking slower & acknowledging/noticing when you don’t want or need another.

  1. Keeping hydrated - it’s something we all know but often forget to implement. Similarly to coffee, for every drink of alcohol, you should hydrate additionally with another cup of water. With this in mind, between drinks, opting for a glass of mineralised water can assist in the rehydration of the body. We recommend adding a serving of electrolytes to your water too to appropriately hydrate and achieve cellular hydration.

The Healf Post Alcohol Guide

The support of specific nutrients and high potency supplements can mean the difference between waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and facing the pain of the next morning.

  1. Snacks - we often think of greasy food choices when it comes to what we’re eating at the end of an event. However they are a hindering factor when it comes to feeling fresh. Greasy, inflammatory and processed foods will only exacerbate the groggy feeling. Instead, opting for something that is higher in protein and complex carbohydrates is a better choice. Even the simplicity of some nut butter on toast can do wonders!

  1. The Supplement Stack

      • Electrolytes - as we touched on earlier, a good quality dose of minerals will work to rehydrate your body on a cellular level.

      • Liver Support - your liver will want an additional hug too. Consider herbs such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion or NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)

      • Antioxidant Support - here we’re referring to the powerful antioxidants that can combat the oxidative damage that may have been caused by consuming alcohol. Consider the liposomal form of Vitamin C and Glutathione to be left by your bed with some Magnesium Glycinate to calm the nervous system too.

  1. Day to recover - Alcohol can have a more impactful effect on our health than we realise, which is why it is reasonable to allow yourself a slower day to recover and nourish your body

  • Remain hydrated - with beverages such as coconut water and foods such as cucumber, watermelon and celery.

  • Continue with high protein meals - especially breakfast to kickstart metabolism and establish healthy blood sugar stability.


This article is for informational purposes only, even if and regardless of whether it features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. The views expressed in this article are the views of the expert and do not necessarily represent the views of Healf