Date 22.06.2020

A 'Healthy Mamas' Simple Health Tips

A 'Healthy Mamas' Simple Health Tips

What Health Means To Me

Hi, I am Holly Louise and I'm the founder of Not So Simple Mama. A parenting, well-being and health based page that I use to connect with parents and promote a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. Since becoming a parent my health has become a major focus in life, I want to be healthy and happy and I want to project that energy onto my daughter! Quite simply, parenting is Not So Simple, and I make the upmost effort to stay healthy in all ways to try and stay on top of the crazy world that is parenting.

My 5 Health Tips

1) Meditation. Meditation is the main part of my routine. It’s how I start my day before my daughter wakes up. There’s all different forms of meditation, it can help with pain, mental processing, stress, anger, frustration, relaxation, and much more. It keeps me very level headed and provides coping mechanisms for all situations.

2) Diet. Food! This is one you hear from every professional and health coach going, but it’s quite simple... diet really does affect you in all aspects. I eat a vegan diet because it essentially forced me into a healthier way of eating. I found convenient ways of prepping nutritious meals whilst keeping the vibrant flavours I loved so much!

3) Me time. A major part of a healthy lifestyle is self focus. You can’t look after anyone else if you don’t look after yourself. Take the time to do something for you, whether that’s a new regular hobby, or just a relaxing bubble bath by candlelight, take your me time and really focus on you!

4) Reading. I find that constantly educating myself and learning keeps my brain active and healthy. Read anything and everything! It’s entertainment whilst giving knowledge! It’s exercise for your brain!

5) Exercise! This is my favourite top tip. I suffer from scoliosis and vasovagal syncope, which are long words to say I have bone issues and faint a lot. Exercising is limited for myself and most things I find, I usually have to adapt or change to suit me, once I’m in the swing of a good routine, it’s amazing, I genuinely get an energy boost! I use @charliesfitness_pt for guidance on programmes and short workouts for at home with minimal equipment. His videos allow for all different people to participate and modify movements to suit them. Exercise is by far the biggest move you can make towards a healthy lifestyle! Movement is the aim, even walk with some fresh air to get going is a step in the right direction!

MY OVERALL MESSAGE - Find what suits you! One size shoe does not fit everyone and sometimes you have to go looking for a different style or type! The same goes for what helps you to live a healthy lifestyle. There is no 1 right answer!

Written by @notsosimplemama

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