Date 23.06.2020

A 'Yoga and Wellness Coaches' Simple Health Tips

A 'Yoga and Wellness Coaches' Simple Health Tips

What Health Means To Me

I’m Jade, a yoga and wellness coach. I use a variety of rituals and recipes to nourish through mind, body and soul. I teach yoga to encourage people to find space in their day and let go of daily stresses through mindful movement. 
I believe health starts by turning your awareness inwards, taking a moment to notice how your body feels, what it craves and then starting your day from there. 

My 5 Health Tips To Start Your Day

  • Mediate

I start every day with a short meditation. As little as 3 minutes in a quiet space, is enough to slowly process and prepare the mind for what the day will bring. 
@Gabapodcast on instagram live streams a meditation every morning at 8 am, with easy breathing techniques, perfect for beginners. 

  • Scent

Aromatherapy can play a part in improving mood and well-being. Different scents can relax while others can up-lift and stimulate the senses. 
In the morning I use a mix of Neroli and lemon grass essential oils with a crystal roller (available through @Featherandfeast) to instantly invigorate my mind. 

  • Move

Yoga is infamous for its multiple health benefits. Every morning I find my way to my yoga mat and gently move and stretch, awakening every part of the body.
If new to yoga follow @featherandfeast for easy to follow short flows and classes live on zoom, suitable for those new to the practice. 

  • Nourish

As a strong believer of having to nourish to flourish inside and out, a nutritious breakfast is always on the cards. Smoothie bowls are an easy way to achieve this. Mixing up any fruit, fresh or frozen and topping with a choice of seeds such as chia will ensure benefits such as iron, omega-3 and essential vitamins and minerals. 
Visit @featherandfeast for recipe inspiration for creating your own smoothie bowl.

  • Nature

Find any excuse today to go outside, even for a short walk around the block. Being outside in nature is proven to improve mood, with multiple benefits for physical and mental health. 
Use your time outside to notice and appreciate what’s around you, maybe there are local wildflowers to smell or a footpath you haven’t noticed before. 

Written by @featherandfeast


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