Date 24.07.2020

An 'Astonishing Gardening/Skiing/Yogi Great Grandmas' Simple Health Tips

An 'Astonishing Gardening/Skiing/Yogi Great Grandmas' Simple Health Tips

My life + health journey

Hi. I am Avril Clarke. Born in Malta 71 years ago to a Ballet Dancer Mum and an Army Officer Dad. From an early age I ate a Mediterranean diet.   

I am now retired and surround myself with children. grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am retired and have more time to garden, cook, practise yoga, ski and plan.

My partner managed Champion Boxers who would live and eat with us for three months before title fight. Fitness and nutrition were of paramount importance. I cook with produce from my garden when possible.

My 5 Tips To Live A Healthy Life

1.  Drink water. 

As much as possible. sometimes I forget how important this is and continually remind myself

2. Eat home grown produce.

If not organic ... no additives ... no processed food.

3. Choose exercise you enjoy.

I try to take an hour a day for myself in a busy life, be it yoga, gardening, walking. If I am away skiing this is wonderful as I ski four or five hours a day.

4. Breathe deeply.

This was extremely important for me when I had a shoulder injury

5. Manage your stress.

Anxiety causes mental fatigue. When stress is controlled it controls your attitude to life and your physical health


Written by Avril Wendy Clarke. A great ambassador of The Healthy Living Store.

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