Date 28.08.2023

An interview with Fleur, founder of Blooming Blends

An interview with Fleur, founder of Blooming Blends

Blooming Blends: healf's first ever brand partner

Blooming Blends combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern methods to create botanical tinctures that support, strengthen, and balance the body. Six active, powerful herbs are infused into each tincture formula, helping to support sleep, digestion, stress, mood, immunity, sex, and daily wellbeing.

As healf’s first ever brand partner, we sat down with founder, Fleur to find out the story from formulating at her kitchen table, to her now beautiful blooming blends

Q) What was your inspiration for starting Blooming Blends?

F) I started formulating the blends as I was working long hours working in a kitchen and I wanted to find a natural herbal product to help give me energy, strength and balance for those moments when I needed it. During my search for the ideal product, I discovered the incredible world of botanical tinctures and fell in love with this traditional way of taking herbs. Feeling the immediate benefits and the ease in which you use them, I was inn love! I discovered that tinctures in the UK were fairly limited and with little information, I soon realised they weren’t readily available for everyone - you had to know what you were looking for. I wanted to change this and show everyone how wonderful tinctures are and take people back to the roots of how our ancestors maintained their wellbeing. And so Blooming Blends was born.

Q) What makes Blooming Blends special? 

F) Our tincture blends are carefully crafted so that all the botanicals used in each blend work in synergy together to help support that moment of need. The extraction process of the botanicals themselves, is also unique. Another bonus is that the tinctures are able to be made alcohol-free while still ensuring that the herbal benefits from each plant and herb is at its highest potency. Our tinctures also taste delicious and are often referred to tasting like 'herbal honey'.

Q) What is your favourite Blooming Blends product?

F) It's difficult to choose as I created each blend but the one I can't live without is our Calm blend. I always have it on me and it just helps to soothe my nerves and abate my worry and helps me to reset myself if I'm feeling a little erratic!

Q) What did you first think when healf approached you way back in 2020? 

F) I was thrilled! Watching healf grow has been really exciting and it's great we're still in partnership. Together we have grown wonderfully.

Q) What lies in the future for Blooming Blends? What should we be excited by?

F) There's lots to be excited about! We are bringing a few new blends out over the next six months and we are just growing at a lovely organic pace. I started this business making the tinctures around my kitchen table back in 2018 and it's great to see people discovering the world of tinctures, like I did for the first time, and really finding them beneficial and it's great we can share our products with your Healf audience too. 

You can immerse yourself in the benefits of Blooming Blends here at healf.

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