Date 18.04.2023

Best healthy cafes in London

Best healthy cafes in London

London is a hub of amazing restaurants with so much variety and options. Whether you are a London local or a visitor looking for some restaurants to try out, oftentimes it can get overwhelming to pick between so many options, especially if you are looking for places that have both delicious and healthy food. While eating out can certainly be a special occasion, it doesn’t have to include overindulgence in food. London has some incredible healthy cafes all over the city, and we have compiled a few of our favorites that we recommend you try out.

Our list of our favorite healthy cafes in London

At healf, we believe that what you decide to consume and put into your body contributes to your overall health and wellness. Food is necessary to fuel your body with energy and nutrition, but you should not have to sacrifice taste for healthiness. These cafes that we have compiled have found the perfect balance between deliciousness and health!

The Detox Kitchen

This cafe is the perfect quick bite, healthy cafe for a lunch break. With a simple but innovative menu, they have an amazing selection of food. From their great variation of fresh seasonal salads to their nutrient boosting, protein packed smoothies their food is natural, delicious and satisfying all at the same time. With mid-range prices, the dishes are rich in flavour with high quality ingredients. 

Most notably, however, is their in-store deli options and take-away pre-packed lunches for those who are busy and on the go. They also have a delivery option to have their freshly prepared meals delivered right to your door.

Location: Soho

Click here for their website!

The Good Life Eatery

As London’s first cafe that stocked cold-pressed juice, The Good Life Eatery is very popular and often pretty packed. If you are shopping in Kings Road, it is only a short walk away located in Chelsea. They have lots of menu items for vegetarians and have gluten free options as well.

Priding themselves on picking locally sourced foods, their food items include cold pressed juice, post-workout ginger shots, protein based lunch bowls, Acai bowls, muffins and more! Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner they have a delicious all day menu that can be made to take away or delivered right to your door.

Location: Chelsea

Click here for their website!


This 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurant is in the heart of SOHO. Although there is always a wait to get into Mildreds, it is for a reason that they have earned. With consistently great food selection, their food is always healthy and delicious. From their food selection of sweet potato curry, detox salad to stir fried vegetables, their food is completely plant-based with ingredients sourced from small, sustainable businesses including vendors from Borough Market. They don’t take any bookings so it is best to arrive close to opening!

Location: Soho

Click here for their website!


Juicebaby is the perfect sustainable, vegan and healthy food on the go option. They have a great selection of fresh juices, superfood smoothies and takeaway salads. It is the perfect place for a lunch break or for picking up breakfast in the morning. Their acai bowls are especially amazing with their delicious Mulberry granola. All items are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free.

Location: Chelsea

Click here for their website!


Although these are just a few healthy cafe options you can find in London, there are so many cafes and restaurants that offer equally delicious and healthy food. Whether you want to become a local at these cafes or are looking just to try it out once, these are the cafes we recommended checking out first based on their selection of ingredients and dietary restriction menu items. 

If you are looking to incorporate more delicious and healthy foods into your diet, here are some products we recommend:


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