Date 02.06.2022

Best Supplements for Gut Health

The best supplements for gut health and digestion

Gut health is the foundation to a healthy life. The health of the gut can lead to many health benefits. The reason for taking organic vitamins and supplements can vary from lack of vitamins in everyday diet to just a little boost to assist the body. It is important to consult with medical professionals before starting to take supplements.


What are Gut Health Supplements?

Added help to the body, specifically the gut, to help provide nutrients that everyday diet does not contain. Supplements are made up of bacteria’s, victims and many other ingredients depending on which supplement is taken. These supplements can help provide nutrients the body needs or can enhance the existing nutrients and proteins.

5 Best Supplements for Gut Health

1. L- Glutamine

Also known as glutamine, is an amino acid that supports the immune system and intestine health. L-Glutamine synthesizes protein to keep the body functioning properly.

Produced by the body when food is eaten. This supplement helps the gut produce more when there isn’t enough produced from food.

Found naturally in foods such as chicken, dairy, spinach, cabbage, oats, and fish.   

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2. Marshmallow Root

A perennial herb used by many to aid digestive health. It has been found to be helpful with many stomach issues such as bloating, diarrhea and many others. This supplement helps cells produce mucus to help the lining of organs.

Found naturally only in the marshmallow plant and is fully edible, however, the supplements come from a sap produced by the plant.


3. Collagen

A protein produced by the body that makes connective tissue. This tissue is a part of the skin, bones and make up of the issue organs of the body also the digestive tract. This supplement helps the gut in creating a supportive lining in the stomach and throughout the digestive tract.

Found naturally in chicken, egg whites, bone broths, fish, fruits/berries, garlic, beans, and some vegetables.    

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4. Black Garlic

A version of raw garlic that has been through a process known as the Maillard reaction. This process brings new nutrients and antioxidants to the garlic. Which leads to low blood sugar, immune system aid, lower levels of cholesterol and many other benefits.

Found naturally by eating alone or incorporated into meals.  

Product Recommendation: Black Garlic - Gut. Cardio. Immune.


5. Turmeric

As a part of the ginger family turmeric has popped up as being used in herbal medicine. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants. It is also known to aid in digestion and healing of the gut.  

Found naturally occurring and is incorporated into meals and teas as a spice. Many recommend putting it in salads, soups, drinks, and vegetables.  

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Gut health supplements help get the nutrients food is not giving the body. Also, supplements can help the body with the naturally occurring bacteria in food that can make you sick. Some of the supplements above aid the lining of the stomach to process food and support the body in the breakdown of those foods.  



Supplements can help your digestive system run properly. These gut health supplements provide extra help to boost the body in many ways. It is important to have good gut health to support healthy living. Consult a medical professional about gut health supplements to see which one may work best for you.  

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