Date 05.09.2023

healf visits - Move Method

healf visits - Move Method

The healf team were regulars at the previous Move Method Studio so this upgraded, bright and immersive new location got us super excited.

Located in the heart of Fulham on Wandsworth Bridge Road, the move methodology is built around three pillars: mobility, strength, and conditioning. Refined in a class environment over the last five years and is leading the industry with it’s results. 

The Space

The gym space, just like the original studio, is flooded with natural light from both the front, as well as the rear, of the unit thanks to the large windows on both sides of the space. As a complement to this, the interior design includes a number of natural materials as well as a uniquely crafted flooring made from wood flour and linseed that looks fantastic whilst playing a pivotal role in integrating perfectly with the concept and training style on offer.

Continuing the feeling of natural energy throughout, the new addition to the studio on the lower ground floor showcases the bespoke wet sauna that is tailored to individual attendee needs, and ice immersion experience. The soft lighting and tones of calm, is the vision for the space on lower ground, harnessing the mind & body connection.

What’s new to the Fulham Studio?

The worlds first ever heat and ice software that delivers audio guided protocols to move you from one state to another.

Users can book sessions of 15, 30 and 60 minutes and then select from a host of protocols to ensure the exact response that they are after. This could be a 15 minute morning energiser ahead of the working day or a 30 minute journey from sore to recovered post workout or training session.

The offerings

Move Fulham offer 35+ classes per week with a variety of Range, Flow, Kettlebells, Rings, Condition and Primal sessions. As well as classes, move offerworkshops, courses and Personal Training.

See the timetable

Is it healf certified?

We were lucky enough to have a team class & wow did we feel the impact. The feeling of untangling of the spine after a day at the desk and the recovery after training certain members of the team is something we will definitely be returning for. 

Check out the healf visit to move method here

move at home 

HigherDOSE Infared Sauna Blanket - £699.00

Manta Foam Roller - £42.99

Theragun Mini 2.0 - £175.00



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