Date 20.09.2023

healf visits - The Grey Wolfe Wellness Spa

healf visits - The Grey Wolfe Wellness Spa
Nestled in the corners of Barnes, South West London is a new wellness spot we just had to try & combining the perfect balance of holistic wellness with the latest in wellness technology, it’s in our wellness lane & here’s why…

Sinéad Johnson and Sarah Jones, co-founders of Grey Wolfe, are both experienced health, wellness, and beauty entrepreneurs who encourage a fresh approach to wellness. With the the intention to “explore what our bodies and minds need, surrounded by like minded individuals and create a community of not just health and wellness but mindfulness and inner peace”, Sinéad and Sarah have built a complete 360-degree space using a balance of holistic mindfulness, physical human touch and the latest in wellness technology to take you on a complete journey for all that your body needs to be truly whole.

The Experience:

In our visit, I was lucky enough to the newest and signature treatment, The Grey Wolfe Journey which focuses on reigniting your inner light with a collation of state-of-the-art treatments. This hi-tech innovative treatment encourages you to tap into true potential through technology, touch, awareness and mindfulness. 

From the moment you enter the space there is an instant sense of calm. Shoes are left at the front door along with the stresses of the day & you are greeted with a wheatgrass shot and herbal tea to begin your detailed holistic health consultation. Uncovering all aspects of your health and wellness. There is a limitless time frame on this Journey as this is determined by the requirements of the individual, a totally unique approach for a wellness spa that meant that you could focus on yourself & yourself only.

Step 1 - Rebalance Impulse 

Following the one-on-one consultation, you begin the Grey Wolfe Journey. Setting an intention for the remainder of the sessions and beginning with the Rebalance Impulse - a revolutionary non-invasive mental wellness and neuro-relaxation bed. With acoustic and vibrational therapy that taps into the latest brain entertainment, this powerful wellness technology provides powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. 


The Rebalance Impulse restores a harmonious balance between Alpha and Theta brain waves through chromotherapy, breathing exercises, guided mental imagery, mindfulness training, sound therapy, and neuro-meditation exercises. In the brain, Alpha waves promote relaxation, while Theta waves are predominant in healing, memory retrieval, creative states, and encoding of new memories. The Rebalance Impulse Experience guides you into deep states of powerful healing and targeted programs for your desired outcome based on your holistic health consultation. Whether it be focusing on Stress Relief, Mindfulness, PowerNaps and Awareness the experience allows you to tap into a deep meditative state, even if you have trouble with getting into the state usually.

Step 2 -  Attuned Massage

Using the spiritual energy of physical touch, this treatment takes place on a luxury Quartz Bed. The therapist relaxes and cleanses the body, providing energy and peace of mind, to awaken a strong connection to the Universe. Promoting healing, to aid physical and mental alignment and giving you a deeper understanding of your spiritual side. This is unlike any massage you may have had before. Improving your emotional and energetic wellness, expect to feel the release of trapped and hidden emotions, symptoms of detoxification with the aroma of therapeutically selected essential oils, chosen by your therapist.

Step 3 - Release with Infrared Sauna

At healf, we love using Infrared Saunas as a natural detoxification process to purify the body of toxins, calm the nervous system and reduce inflammation. After stimulating lymphatic movement of toxins in your attuned massage, you head to the sauna to open your pores & release the toxins through sweat and the skin. Whilst boosting production of the ‘natural antidepressant’ of the brain - dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, whilst lowering the levels of cortisol in the body. Reduce stress and detox your mind and body at the same time. 

Step 4 - The BioCharger

The final step of the Journey is a BioCharger session that bathes your entire body with electromagnetic energy. Your cells will be strengthened and protected, whilst your mental and emotional state is enhanced. By replicating the full spectrum of natural frequencies, harmonies, and PEMFs in the terrestrial atmosphere, the BioCharger recreates the environment that surrounds us, every day. You have a unique electromagnetic frequency signature for every molecule and organ in your body, so if a cell or organ becomes imbalanced, the normal frequency becomes detuned, which is where energetically we can face discomfort. Using a rich electromagnetic field, the BioCharger reintroduces the optimal resonance frequency to each cell. Currently, it is the most advanced energy-based technology available. 

Is it healf certified?

The treatment menu at Grey Wolfe is comprehensive and explains the philosophy behind each treatment so you can choose the one that's right for you. By far one of London's best new wellness destinations that emphasises holistic practices and spirituality. Leaving the wellness spa, feeling like there had been a significant shift in my outlook and mindset to my emotions, making it a total reset and perfect solution for frazzled minds and bodies. Grey Wolfe promotes positivity, confidence, and inner peace. This truly is a well-being experience like no other and one that we will be returning to in no time.

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