Date 02.06.2022

How to Clean a Yoga Mat

How to clean your yoga mat

Cleaning your yoga mat is an important part of maintaining the life and quality of the mat. Bacteria can grow on your mat without proper and regular cleaning. These bacteria can lead to issues with skin health like athletes foot, ringworm, staph infections and many more. Eco-friendly yoga mats will absorb any sweat, oil and residue while using them. This combination can lead to a sticky feeling and even a smell on the mat. Cleaning your mat with a solution every time after use and then a deep clean once a month will keep your mat in the best shape.  


How to Clean a Yoga Mat

Regular Clean Routine:

  1. Spray mat with your solution 
  2. Use a rag to wipe the solution in circular motions into the mat
  3. Wipe both sides of your mat
  4. Ready to store for next use


Deep Clean Routine:

  1. Put your mat in a bathtub or sink with warm water and just a few drops of dish soap  
  2. Soak mat for 5 minutes
  3. After soaking scrub both sides of the mat gently with a cloth
  4. Rinse any remaining residue off the mat
  5. Squeeze any excess water out of mat 
  6. Hang to dry 
  7. Ready to store for next use


A cleaning solution for your yoga mat can be store bought or made at home.

DIY yoga mat sprays are just as effective as store bought solutions. It is important to refer back to your yoga mats guide for any information and recommendations for lighter solutions. Some mats recommend not using vinegar or heavy use of essential oils. 


Constantly Cleaning

If washing your yoga mat is a gruelling task, there are some ways to try to avoid the deep cleaning routine. Use of a yoga towel can prolong the need for a deep clean. The towel is used to help with grip as well as catching the sweat while using the yoga mat. Also, the regular clean routine can help minimise the need for deep cleans. The yoga mat wipe down directly after use can keep your mat in good shape.


Can I Put My Yoga Mat in a Washing Machine?

Your yoga mat can be put in the washer if the care instructions indicate. A general rule of thumb if using the washing machine is to use a gentle, cold cycle.

Always thoroughly dry the mat out by air drying only. Leave the mat unrolled while drying to avoid bacteria growth. Do not put yoga mats in the dryer machine.

Cleaning your yoga mat regularly can really make a difference in the life of the mat. Also, cleaning your mat will stop the growth of bacteria from frequent use. There are different ways to clean yoga mats trying out which one works best for you. Maintaining the cleanliness of your mat is just another step in the journey of healthy living. 


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