Meet Jess Green

Meet Jess Green

Written by: Niall Kiddle


Our in-house Registered Nutritionist and Customer Wellbeing Champion

We asked 5 questions to help gain a better understanding of how health plays a role in Jess' lifestyle.

Q) EAT, MOVE, MIND or SLEEP - which is most important to you?

A: SLEEP - Although you’d probably expect me to say eat as a nutritionist. Of course they all massively influence each other, but without good sleep, the other areas are so much harder to implement. Physiologically we want to preserve and increase our energy stores when we aren’t well rested, so we’re less likely to want to move, we crave more convenient, high-sugar foods and our moods can become irregular and withdrawn. Sleep is such an underrated element of healthy living!

Q) Do you have a favourite wellness ritual?

A: Probably my sleep routine. It’s taken me a while to get into the habit, but the difference in my energy levels is huge.

  • Switch the main light out for the lamp and put my phone on silent mode with some relaxation noises or a sleep meditation
  • Full skincare routine to help cleanse the day off, physically and metaphorically
  • Get into bed and journal, focusing on reflecting and gratitude
  • And finally, I love using a puzzle book before bed - not sure why but it helps quiet my mind enough to sleep!

Q: Talk us through your day before 9am. 

A: Full disclosure, I am not a morning person. I’d love to be, but unfortunately it’s just not me. So my mornings pre 9am usually go like this, waking up usually at 7:30-8:

  • Wake up and immediately put the radio on - the noise gets me up and I (somehow) enjoy hearing the morning news
  • Take my morning supplements/medications, do my morning face routine and get ready for the day
  • A must is breakfast, depending on how I’m feeling this is likely to be porridge, eggs and avocado on toast or a smoothie
  • Finally, I’ll make a to-do list for the day so that I’m focused with my goals before starting work

Q) In what place do you feel healthiest? 

A: Probably anywhere in nature - preferably somewhere with an amazing view whilst visiting a new country. That feeling of connection to everything around you is unmatched and such a mental reset.

Q) How did your health journey begin? 

A: I was diagnosed with two forms of endometriosis last year after years of dealing with chronic pain and fatigue. I’d always been interested to see the effect my lifestyle and diet played into my symptoms, alongside some gut issues from my teenage years, and both of these kind of led me into a complete love of food and what it can do for the body. And of course into becoming a nutritional therapist!