Date 26.01.2022

Meet Josh Kempton

Meet Josh Kempton

Josh is the founder of, personal coach and Ironman triathlete.

We asked 5 questions to help gain a better understanding of how health plays a role in Josh's lifestyle.

1) Eat, move, mind or sleep - which is most important to you?

A: Move is the most important one for me is to MOVE. When you get up and move everything else will fall in place. When you workout, you will eat the right things because you want to fuel & recover properly. When you eat right, move better, you are going to be needing more sleep, which will all result into having a better mental state. From 1 - the endorphin rush of moving, 2- feeding your gut with the right nutrients, 3 - proper sleep too allow the body & brain to be well rested.


2) What’s your favourite wellness ritual?

A: My favourite well being ritual is this - when you think too much, write it down, when you don’t think enough read. Being able to express my emotions through journalling is a brilliant mental release.


3) Q: Talk us through your day before 9am.

A: My day before 0900 is extremely regimented I wake up at 0500, straight out of bed - shower - overnight oats ( everyday) - coffee - into work for 0600 for my first client. The key to my mornings are good oats, better music and a clear mindset.


4) In what place do you feel healthiest?

A: I feel healthiest when training is consistent, being healthy to me isn’t just nutrition and training, it's the mindset too. Over the years with experience of hardship, books and podcasts I have more up than down days, and knowing how to process and deal with situations is important for ones overall health.


5) How did your health journey begin?

A: I have always been obsessed with my health and fitness, every sport that I came to me I played. From track & field, rugby, but my main sports were football and swimming both playing/ competing to a decent level. Now I focus on functional fitness and seeing how far I can push my mind and body, having completed a full Ironman and the David Goggins 4x4x48 challenge - 2022 I am stepping it up with a 24 hour challenge and an ultra marathon.


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