Date 02.02.2022

Meet Kat Pither

Meet Kat Pither

Kat is the founder of Yogi Bare, Great British Entrepreneur 2021 and @entrepreneur 100 powerful women.

We asked 5 questions to help gain a better understanding of how health plays a role in Kat's lifestyle.

1) Eat, move, mind or sleep - which is most important to you?

A: MIND - When your mind is in a happy place, you feel inspired to move with purpose. You eat in a way that serves and fuels you but also excites you and makes you happy. You start to notice things like the taste, texture, vibrancy. It becomes so much more about a three dimensional experience. You’re also bound to sleep much better when your head is in a happy space!


2) What’s your favourite wellness ritual?

A: My favourite well being ritual has recently been finding pockets of wellbeing wherever I go. I play this game called “Can you hear the birds, Kat” and if not, it encourages me to either open a window, closing my eyes and soaking in their songs or walk until I can hear them. You will find this allows you have have little breaks and realising you are being fully present. It also helps you get outside more, being uplifted by nature.


3) Q: Talk us through your day before 9am.

A: I try and get up really early to make sure I am not rushing. Taking a moment to pause with a cup of coffee, listening out to the sounds of nature. Being with myself helps me to focus, putting my phone on aeroplane mode. I definitely find time for movement and I’ve also just gotten into cold showers and body brushing.


4) In what place do you feel healthiest?

A: I feel my healthiest when deep in nature, especially close to mountains or by the sea listening to the waves as it helps reminds us how resillient we are as they’ve seen so much change. The waves give a perspective that everything is in flux and experiences and feelings are fleeting, knowing that we will move through them. I am part of this whole beautiful thing, living in nature, washing in nature and truly being part of it.


5) How did your health journey begin?

A: My health journey has been quite interesting. Today we have a lot of words, resources and communities on mental health. But when I was little I had sever PTSD, anxiety and undiagnosed ADHD. Not being able to have the words to discuss how I feel is quite interesting as I fell into addiction, finding solace with movement and learning about my place in this world through nutrition and nature.


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