Date 06.01.2021

Meet The Brand: The Naked Pharmacy

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We speak to Kevin, the founder of The Naked Pharmacy - provider of 100% natural, vegan remedies that are free from any synthetic ingredients. All products are scientifically proven and formulated by the former Chief Pharmacist of Weleda.

What was the inspiration behind The Naked Pharmacy? 

I’d been working as a pharmacist within the Natural Medicine sector for over 20 years after spending the first 10 years in conventional pharmacy. I felt strongly that it was time to bring natural remedies into mainstream healthcare rather than sitting on the fringe. In the early 1900’s pharmacies were all herbalists and I wanted to bring some of this natural tradition back through The Naked Pharmacy but I also wanted to add modern technology and science.

Could you describe your journey to get where you are today?

It’s been a personal journey spanning 35 years starting when I joined the Boots Research team that discovered Ibuprofen. I remember asking the research Chemist Dr John Nicholson to explain the process of inflammation. He drew a biochemical pathway and explained that Ibuprofen blocked one of these. It seemed to me that this was only one part of a bigger picture and inspired me to complete a pharmacy degree. I went on to work in pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control, hospital and retail pharmacies. In 1993 I had a significant change and became the Chief Pharmacist for the Swiss herbal manufacturer Weleda. My 11 years as head of natural medicines and manufacturing transformed my thinking about the potential

Natural remedies work alongside conventional medicines to create a better, more holistic approach to health. Pharmaceutical drugs can be life savers. If I have internal bleeding I may need an operation which requires strong pharmaceutical drugs such as anaesthetics, a muscle relaxant and drugs to maintain vital circulatory functions. However, in some chronic health problems natural medicine, nutrition and lifestyle interventions can be effective options. In the past the medical professions assumed that natural approaches are too weak to make a difference. Fast forward to the current day and look at the potential impact of vitamin D supplements on COVID outcomes.

Please could you tell our community a bit about what makes The Naked Pharmacy stand out from other vitamins & supplements brands on the market?

We are Europe’s first 100% natural pharmacy - we’re proud of the fact that we don’t stock any conventional drugs and we don’t use any synthetics in our remedies. All our supplements are food sourced or herbal. This philosophy flows through to our packaging and dispatch - we are eco-friendly, 100% plastic-free and biodegradable. Currently the pharmacy provides free daily advice for nearly 200 members of the public, via phone, e-mail or social media. 

The Naked Pharmacy range is based on scientifically-proven food sourced ingredients with added organic prebiotics. Our remedies are formulated to provide solutions for health problems rather than provide general nutrition for vitamins and minerals.

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What’s the story behind the name The Naked Pharmacy?

Naked is a metaphor for purity and nature. The Pharmacy represents the science and technology that supports every product plus the pharmacist support we provide for every customer.

With Winter well and truly upon us, what are your top tips for staying healthy this season?

I increase my daily black garlic to 2 capsules and add one olive leaf ELA capsule with food. This provides me with the immune protection I need. The Saffrosun helps maintain my mood balance and keeps my nervous system in charge of stress rather than the other way around! 

Tell us about the future of The Naked Pharmacy. What’s the vision and is there a specific goal that you’re hoping to achieve?

Our vision is to be a global natural health hub providing effective natural solutions for individual health problems supported by expert pharmacist advice. We want to build up a community of customers where people are supported and cared for and encouraged to connect with each other to share their success stories (and also what hasn’t worked for them).

Finally, tell us a bit about your own health journey..

What does health mean to you?

Health is not having to worry about your body or mind complaining about something!

Have you always been interested in health?

Yes, I was born a scientist with the natural way in my heart. My early Christmas presents were a microscope or chemistry set. I love working in the Pharmacy but I’m happiest outdoors in nature.

What are your top 3 tips for living a healthy life?

Trust your gut - in more ways than one. Look at the scientific evidence for each health remedy you select but use your gut instinct on what approach feels best for you.

Shift your diet towards plant-based. You don’t have to be fully vegan or vegetarian but if you eat a ‘rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables 4-5 days per week you will be amazed at the results.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best - walk in nature and breath fresh air for 20 minutes every day.

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