Date 23.02.2022

Meet The DNA Dietitian

Meet The DNA Dietitian

 We asked 5 questions to help gain a better understanding of how health plays a role in Rachel's lifestyle.

Eat, move, mind or sleep - which is most important to you?

My mind is more important. When I am in a good mental state - eating, moving and sleeping all fall into place perfectly.

What’s your favourite wellness ritual?

My morning not touching my phone for at least 1 hour and a half. During that time I have my coffee and some berries, and think about how grateful I am for the day ahead. This helps me get through every day.

Talk us through your day before 9am.

I wake up, have some coffee and some berries. I meditate 5 times a week during this time using a timer. As mentioned in my previous comment, this is the most important part of my wellness.

In what place do you feel healthiest?

When I feel balanced and I have a routine. Waking up at the same time every day, when I have been shopping, when I am working out and meditating. Routine is so important for me. When I am around people I love as-well, that really nourises me

How did your health journey begin?

10-11 year ago I started a health journey that was really unhealthy in hindsight. I was listening to self proclaimed experts on how I could be my best self by cutting out food groups. Then I thought I needed to study this, so studied nutritional science at King’s College London. Knowledge was they key to my journey.

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