Our weekend at the Health Optimisation Summit

Written by: Lestat McCree


Healf Journal

One of our favourite weekends of the year, the Health Optimisation Summit (or should we say Healf Optimisation Summit) took place last weekend. If you weren’t able to join us this weekend, here’s what you missed that we were obsessed with.



Founded by Niall Kiddle, Organised Co are on a mission to use ancestral whole foods for their life-changing effects. Launching their hero product to their community. An All-in-one, grass-fed bovine protein, enriched with collagen, colostrum, and beef organs. Designed to replace multiple supplements using whole-food nutrition.

Exhale Coffee

From sourcing the finest beans to roasting them to perfection and subjecting them to rigorous 9x lab testing, each sip of Exhale Coffee delivers unparalleled flavour and wellness benefits. Exhale Coffee is made to optimise polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamin B3, free from harmful mycotoxins and pesticides.

The Detox Coach - Adam Parker

Specialising in stimulation of the body’s natural self-healing and detoxing methods, Adam researches the liver, gut health, parasites and heavy metal exposure. Tapping into the natural terrain of the body's environment to optimise detoxification of toxins in the body to live your best and healthiest life.


With the aid of science, biOptimizers have developed products that use the most effective doses of highly researched ingredients with formulations that are unique, rare and powerful. A one of a kind potency in their Magnesium Breakthrough offers synergistic support with every type and variation of magnesium available.


Bahé Grounding Shoes

Founded on the belief that running is better. Better for us, better for the planet. Bahé was created to explore how we can have a healthier connection with the earth through exercise. Co-founders Kishan and Alex have worked to combine the power of barefoot walking with grounding science to create a stylish alternative that you can walk, run and live in. The Healf team tried & tested the shoes when we were on our feet this weekend and can say their Healf certified. 


Using this device, chronic pain can be relieved in just 5 minutes. Carefully designed to be portable and hands-free, get significant relief from pain and inflammation whenever and wherever you need it - without paying thousands.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

By increasing the uptake of controlled, oxygen-rich environments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) enhances natural healing processes. Hydroxy Airpods are designed to increase atmospheric pressure above normal levels during this advanced therapy.

As a result of HBOT, your lungs take in more oxygen. This oxygen-rich blood travels through the body, promoting healing and regeneration. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is non-invasive, pain-free.


Ultrahuman is the world's most advanced metabolic fitness platform founded by Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal in 2019. With their extensive biohacking background passion for wellbeing and fitness, they recognised the importance of data-driven training and recovery methodologies.

The Ultrahuman M1, their flagship product, is a cutting-edge metabolic health tracking platform. In addition to optimising exercise, sleep, and nutrition, it provides intelligent nudges for glucose biomarkers.


SOMA Breath

SOMA Breath translates fundamental Pranayama techniques into a holistic breathwork system. In this therapy, the focus is on illuminating the influence of breath on emotions and feelings on breath. An evidence-based mind-body practice (from non-Western traditions) that uses a specific combination to achieve therapeutic benefits.

We've downloaded the app and we're ready to go. Let's test it.


One of our Wellbeing Editor's favourites - Sensate is designed to soothe the fight-flight-freeze response. Using infrasonic technology to condition the nervous system's relaxation response through gentle bone conduction on the chest. Unlike traditional practices, Sensate offers the benefits of mindfulness and meditation without extensive training, making stress resilience achievable and immediate. This is Eleanor's travel essential.


Electrically charged objects produce electromagnetic fields. In addition to having an electric part and a magnetic part, these fields also have a frequency and a wavelength. Our modern world is surrounded by non-ionising radiation from mobile phones, trackers, wireless phones, and power lines. Despite the majority of research suggesting minimal health risks, debates persist about the long term effects of cell phones and WI-Fi with prolonged or high intensity exposure on our health. With their UK debut, The Waveguard products provide holistic protection from EMF, 5G, and WLAN.

How does it work?

Waveguard uses depolarisation to reduce electromagnetic field strength. Radiation from mobile radios (e.g.), which is artificial, is reflected by some liquids, causing this effect. A rainbow is created in a similar way. As a result of refractive action, light beams become visible and their spectrums become visible. The electromagnetic field strength is reduced when radio beams are broken up.


Dr. Porter and his team of scientists and mindfulness experts are leading the way in brainwave entrainment technology. Becoming a global leader in the personal improvement field, BrainTap Technologies has a library of more than 400 guided-audio programs (all voiced by Dr. Porter himself) and creative visualisation processes. The BrainTap allows users to relax, reboot, and revitalise while achieving peak brain performance.

Gary Breka

Gary Brecka, a human biologist and biohacker, believes that a high percentage of humans suffer from insomnia and poor sleep due to a nutrient deficiency. In his guest speaker event, Brecka stated how insomnia is not an inability to sleep but whether or not your "genetics allow you to quiet your mind.”

It is believed that a large percentage of humans are carriers of a gene mutation called COM-T. As a result of this gene mutation, you lack an essential amino acid called L-methionine. When L-methionine goes up into the mind it allows your body to break down thought and quiet the mind.


Amazing Air

Another favourite amongst the Healf office, especially being based in the polluted city of London. Known as AirDr in the US, Amazing Air not only removes virtually 100% of airborne particles, but also the vast majority of toxic ozone, volatile organic compounds, and gases. 


An an industry first. Known for its cutting-edge, science-backed supplements and anti-ageing technologies with the world's most powerful at-home laser and a groundbreaking supplement formulated with ten proven ingredients, LYMA addresses sleep, anxiety, immunity, focus, and beauty.

A powerful, science backed, Healf Certified product for your morning and evening skincare routine.

Super Teeth 

We're aware that the oral microbiome is often the missing piece to optimal health. With oral hygiene and SuperTeeth truly are a trailblazer in oral care.

With their innovative approach to dental health. Spearheaded by a team of parents and guided by dental experts and nutritionists, SuperTeeth offers a unique range of products, including dental probiotics and prebiotics, mineral toothpaste, and soft floss.


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