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The best yoga studios in London

The best yoga studios in London

The benefits of yoga can range from personal wellbeing to scientific and physiological improvements to your overall health. The entirety of yoga includes a wide range of contemplative and self-disciplinary practices like meditation, chanting, prayer, mantra, breath work, ritual, and even selfless action. The overall underlying theme, however, is connection.

While scientific research into the benefits of yoga is quite preliminary, there is so much evidence that suggests that yoga is incredibly beneficial to overall well-being.

These benefits include:

  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Improves mental health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases your strength
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Improves quality of life and self-esteem
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves cardiovascular functioning
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves bone health
  • Promotes better posture and body awareness
  • Improves brain functioning
  • Curbs burnout

Yoga asana is the physical practice and postures of yoga. While it is easy to roll out a yoga mat and complete a yoga session at home, there are a lot of benefits of going to a yoga studio. Not only do you get to work with top-tier instructors, but it allows you to expand your practice, skills and expertise in a shared, controlled environment. Luckily, London is one of the biggest hubs of yoga studios for you to try. While there are a lot of great studios to choose from, here are a few studios that we particularly love.

Our favorite yoga studios in London

In no particular order, here are a few of the best studios around London to help you unlock your endorphins and get the very best out of your session dedicated to improving your wellbeing. Whether you are a yoga newbie or an experienced yogi, the studios in London have got you covered.

Digme Fitness

Formerly known as Another Space, this studio provides sessions that include a great balance of a physical workout that raises your heart rate while also improving flexibility and helping your mental state. This studio is perfect if you want to get a really good sweat as they offer lunchtime conditioning classes to perfect your technique or hot yoga classes.

Heated by infra-red, the studio building itself helps reduce muscle inflammation. The building is also equipped with luxurious changing rooms stocked with extra towels, products, straighteners and dryers. There is even a juice and smoothie bar for you to get a drink to sip on post-savasana.


  • Average price per class: £22
  • Monthly membership: £99 a month for five classes, £190 for ten, £375 for twenty

Locations: Covent Garden and Bank

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Originally opened in Camden in 2014 by Jonathen Sattin, this studio combines the three vital elements of peaceful wellbeing: yoga, pilates and treatment. This studio is an all-around favorite for kids, teens, mums and older yoga fans as they have a huge selection of classes on their site. The diverse selection of classes is perfect for anyone ranging from newbies to those who want restorative sessions.

Included in the class selection are classes for pregnancy, stress and back problems. Some of these “family-focused” classes include mummy + me classes and sessions for toddlers. There are also free yoga cancer classes to help attendees cope with cancer and cancer treatments. With a wide array of classes also comes very knowledgeable teachers.

As a shoe-free zone, the interior is all calming colors featuring raw materials, hushed tones and spacious facilities.


  • Average price per class: from £12
  • Introductory offer: £35 for 7 consecutive days
  • Monthly membership: £125 a month for unlimited classes

Locations: Camden, Chelsea, Ealing, Shoreditch

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Well known for their selection of fun and challenging fitness classes, Frame is built on the foundation of “move, sweat, and fuel.” They have a huge selection of class options including: slow flow, mandala, basics yin, restorative, dynamic vinyasa, power and community. One specific class they offer is called “Anti-Desk Yoga,” a class specially tailored to ease the tensions of office workers that focuses on releasing the shoulders and improving posture, boosting flexibility, de-stressing and energising.

Classes are usually packed, so booking a class earlier than later is highly recommended. This studio is perfect for yogis who like to feel the burn and want to feel energised afterwards. Mats and bolsters are provided, and there is even a fuel bar for you to pick up a nourishing treat after your session!


  • Average price per class: £16
  • Introductory offer: two classes for £20
  • Monthly membership: £60 for six classes a month in one chosen studio; £180 for unlimited classes across any studio

Locations: Kings Cross, Fitzrovia, Angel, Shoreditch, Hammersmith and Victoria

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Sangyé Yoga School

Formerly called Jivamukti Yoga London, this studio hosts independent specialist instructors who specialise in the Jivamukti form of yoga, an ashtanga-based yoga that incorporates spiritual elements like chanting. The center has a smart feel but with a hippy edge with altars and photos of Indian gurus in each studio.

This studio is perfect for those who are more into the spiritual side of yoga practice but who can also keep up with the sessions. These sessions will help you get out of your overactive mind and connect with your breath and body, but classes are intense so it is best for yogis who are more experienced.


  • Average price per class: £17
  • Introductory offer: £40 for 5 classes
  • Monthly membership: £99 per month for unlimited classes (12 month contract)

Location: Kensal town

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This family-run studio has some of the best, uplifting finds you’ll ever find in a yoga studio. Run by husband and wife team Sean and Emma with their little dog Misty who will pop in to say hello, the studio is a perfect mix of vibrance and spacious tranquility. Along with complimentary cups of tea post-class, they also have monthly pop-up gong baths.

These sessions can help you overcome health issues like insomnia, indigestion and anxiety with techniques that will help increase your flexibility and mindfulness. Instructors are very welcoming and attentive and not too pushy when it comes to complex moves. The studio’s overall focus is to encourage attendees to join in on what they can and find what feels right and comfortable for them. This studio is perfect for yogis who like to take it easy and want a chill, relaxed but uplifting session.


  • Average price per class: £16
  • Introductory offer: £4 for 21 days of unlimited yoga
  • Monthly membership: £240 for 20 studio classes with 3 month expiry

Locations: Peckham and Streatham

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The benefits of yoga are numerous and seemingly endless. Whether you are a beginner to yoga or an experienced yogi, London has a wide array of yoga studios that will meet your health and wellbeing goals.

If you are looking to get started in your yoga journey or are looking for new, high-quality products to add to your yoga arsenal, here are some products that we recommend:


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