Date 09.08.2023

The healf approved reading list

The healf approved reading list

Whether you’re looking for something to read on the beach, a chance to use your commute to learn something new or want to truly optimise your health, there are an abundance of books in the ‘Health’, ‘Self-Help’ and ‘Cooking’ section of the bookstore.

We asked some of our healf team what their favourite health books were & why.


Breath by James Nestor - A revelatory account of how making minor alterations to the way we breathe could have profound benefits for health and wellbeing. Journalist, James Nestor explores the way in which we used to breathe comparing it to the way we breathe today & how the change has impacted our modern health outcomes.




The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer - the powerful story of, after a deep spiritual  awakening, Singer decided to let go of his personal preferences and simply let life call the shots. Taking you through his experiment, Singer shares his great experiment and journey into life's perfection. Exploring and uncovering your deepest assumptions about life that will inspire you to look at your own life in a radically different way and really noticing the power of the mind when healing your own health journey.



Period Power by Maisie Hill - the book you’ll want your Mother, sister, auntie, cousin, best friend and then boyfriend to read. A practical blueprint for making  daily life work with your menstrual cycle. Maisie Hill has created the handbook to periods and hormones that will leave you wondering why nobody told you this sooner. Maisie has later moved to a further sequel - Perimenopause Power, another essential handbook to understanding what‘s going on and to empower women through their experience of the 'change'. 


Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before by Julie Smith - Clinical Psychologist, Dr Julie Smith has collated a collection of coping tips that will become apart of your daily routine. From managing anxiety, dealing with criticism or battling low mood, to building self-confidence, finding motivation or learning to forgive yourself, Dr Smith provides small, bitesize entries to aid in tackling the everyday issues that affect us all and have an impact on our physical and mental health.


Gut by Gulia Enders - At healf, we know the profound importance of our gut health. It is as important as our brain or heart, yet we are too embarrassed to ask questions and talk about poo. Giulia Enders breaks the poo taboo, revealing the latest science of our gut bacteria to the impact digestion plays in obesity, allergies, depression and even Alzheimer's. This entertaining and informative health handbook gets to the guts of our health.



12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson - A manifesto for personal change, a handbook to rewire our automatic ingrained beliefs and the concepts of reward in society. At its heart, this is a polemic of personal responsibility, twelve rules that form the scaffolding of profound growth.



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