What’s in a Holistic Health Practitioner’s Travel Bag

Written by: Sara Treffert


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Itching for sunshine in the late winter? Me too! 

As a holistic practitioner, I understand the importance of optimising health, especially while travelling. Perhaps we overindulge or play a bit too hard, but it’s about building resilience daily so your health-span equals your lifespan. Being sick is the pits; being sick on holiday is the worst.

Over the many years of travel for work and fun, below are many of my must-have travel items that you can find on Healf’s site, plus bonus items at the end.

 Written by Sara Treffert, FDN-P, RMT; Culinary & Gut Health Practitioner @wholezest

Pre & Probiotics

There are endless options available and it can be a total minefield, so do your homework on finding a product that works best for you, do this by:

  • Ask if they have research on their finished formula because a “kitchen sink” blend may not be effective as some strains can cancel out others.

  • Prebiotics, like probiotics, are extremely helpful for keeping your beneficial microbes happy and also supporting healthy elimination. But again, research on the formula is a must as you don’t want to be inadvertently feeding the troublesome microbes. If you don’t mind rationing out powder, Pure Encapsulation’s Poly-ProFlora Powder tastes good and dissolves easily in water (it’s pink so kids love that). Plus, its high polyphenols make it great for extra immune support.

  • BodyBio’s Gut+ is one of my favourite combination products, which also contains a postbiotic called tributyrin. Tributyrin helps with countless areas including digestive discomfort, histamine intolerance, inflammation and much more.

  • If you’re unsure, stick to the food first approach with a forkful of raw ferments like kimchi with your meals. Every culture has their version of fermented “pre and probiotic rich” foods and often can be found at many restaurants if you ask. Then add in berries, prunes, and other plant-based whole foods.

Cellular Support

  • While seawater mineral concentrate has been a long-time staple, I’ve also added LMNT in the last year. The individual powder sticks make it easy for air travel. I love the chocolate salt for cold weather and raspberry or watermelon salt for warmer days. Electrolytes for me are non-negotiable as they make everything else in the body work better. Majority of people don’t drink enough water to begin with and when toilet availability is scarce it becomes even worse. But did you know that having proper electrolyte balance is critical for absorption so liquids don’t run straight through you? Anyone who has an overactive bladder, try optimising electrolytes and see if that helps because it often is a missing piece to that puzzle.

  • BodyBio PC capsules is another foundational supplement, just take a look at the cellular support it provides in the product detail listing and you’ll know why it has earned prime real estate in my bag!

  • Molecular hydrogen I dissolve a tablet in my water right away in the morning, as well as when needing extra support, especially during flights. It reduces oxidative stress and scavenges free radicals. Pro tip: once dissolved, you can also dab it on your face and under eyes for depuffing.

Immune Support

  • I love a potent botanical blend throat spray. Quicksilver Scientific Immune Charge+ has zinc, quercetin and propolis—a fantastic natural immune supporter. Another pro tip: use it topically for skin irritation like insect bites (although it can be slightly sticky). 

  • For cold and flu season, I pack additional products like Hifas da Terra Mico-Five and liquid vitamin A.

Digestive Support

No one wants to feel bloated or uncomfortable after enjoying an amazing spread of food or trying something new. 

  • Food first approach: Ginger, fennel, fresh mint, lemon, and vinegars all naturally aid in digestion.   

  • Thorne’s Advanced Digestive Enzymes with HCL or a plant-based option, Masszymes, are 2 products I like because they both contain full spectrum digestive enzymes. For those of us with gluten sensitivity, adding an enzyme that has DPP-IV and Tolerase G® in the formula is really useful as foods are often cross-contaminated in shared kitchens.

  • Activated charcoal capsules for just in case toxin exposure—may it be a dreaded bout of food poisoning or self-inflicted adult libation overindulgence at a celebration that needs mopping up. Do be aware that charcoal is a non-selective binder, so take it away from medications.


Luckily healthy snacks to fill in your nutritional gaps are getting much more readily accessible worldwide (I love visiting the local markets), but as a person who feels less stressed when prepared, I like to carry a few shelf-stable servings, especially when “en route”. Clean protein and greens are my top priorities:

  • Roam bars: These are super clean and I enjoy all 4 flavours. If you fancy a drier consistency, chilli is not too spicy or for more texture go for apricot.  *Some countries do not allow dried meats, so check custom regulations ahead. Otherwise, a few servings of a protein or collagen powder that mixes well in water. Form, NuZest, Planet Paleo, Vivo, Hunter & Gatherer and so many more.

  • Perfect Amino: These don’t break your fast and are an incredible bioavailable source of protein. I prefer the tablets over the powdered options.

  • Greens powder: I know AG1 is all the talk, but it has a lot of ingredients that may or may not agree with your system, so I tend to opt for Organifi’s travel packs. I have yet to find a greens powder that is crave-worthy, but theirs is perfect for on-the-go when missing your regular doses of fresh produce.

Sleep Support

  • Sleep support is incredibly individualised and my supplements here are situation dependent. But at minimum, I always take magnesium supplements to support my nervous and digestive systems like Together Health Marine Magnesium with 5 forms or Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough with 7.

  • If you are a light sleeper like me, a washable contoured sleep mask, ear plugs (QuietOns have been on my wish list) and WhiteNoiseLite (free app for phone or laptop) to block out external noises. A good night of sleep just makes life better!

Personal Care & Sun Protection

  • I love multifunctional products, but I am quite particular as to what I can use on my skin without causing a breakout. Hifas Da Terra Mico Soap in Reishi Calendula Lemon is the best combo soap for face (makeup removal) and body cleansing and shaving. No liquids to bother with and it’s made with pharmaceutical grade medicinal reishi mushroom — an anti-ageing product you want in your regiment! I cut it into quarters for travel and also use instead of the (often) stinky hotel hand soap. 

  • For sun protection, I don’t typically use SPF creams on my body (I know, quite controversial), but instead use an organic cold-pressed red raspberry seed oil, which has a natural SPF 30, for my face, hands and body. It’s also great for post sun exposure because its high antioxidant content. For extended sun or water activities, a clean sun cream like Coola is in my bag. This spring when we are in Portugal, I am going to give the Fierce Nature Sun Balm a try, which is just 3 ingredients: organic grass fed tallow, olive oil, non-nano zinc oxide-SPF 20.

Gadgets & Tech

  • Apollo Neuro: This discreet wearable is perfect for all ages. As much as I love to travel, I’m not as diligent with my regular health supportive habits, so I use the “recover” program in the morning, “focus” and “energy” for afternoon, and “sleep” for nighttime (which I find helpful to restart if I wake to lull me back to sleep). Plus, you can use the schedule feature to run the programs at the desired times and then keep it in aeroplane mode to avoid unnecessary EMF exposure.

  • Health tracker: My 2nd Oura ring is sadly on its last leg, so I have been eyeing up the new Ultrahuman ring. Keeping this wearable in aeroplane mode is just as important to me as tracking accuracy. I’m not obsessive about my data, but it’s an easy “fix it and forget it” health watchdog giving me a heads up if I am trending toward a needed recharge.  

How’s that for a packing list? Whether you dream of your toes buried in the warm sand, breathing in the crisp mountain air, or live for the energetic cultural buzz of a city, I hope these tips were helpful to wanderwell! 


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