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Science-led and people-powered, ASEA exists to better people’s lives and be a force for good in the world.



Science-led and people-powered, ASEA exists to better people’s lives and be a force for good in the world.

Hailing from the vibrant state of Utah, ASEA is a pioneer in the realm of cellular health. The story of ASEA begins with its visionary founder, Verdis Norton, who, while serving on the board of a modest biotechnology firm, stumbled upon a groundbreaking discovery. This revelation centred around a remarkable technology capable of augmenting the inherent redox cell signalling capabilities within our bodies. These vital cellular messengers hold the power to safeguard, rejuvenate and optimise cellular health. ASEA stands as the trailblazer, introducing innovative redox signalling molecules to the market, facilitating harmonious cooperation among your cells as they strive to fulfil their intended functions.

Harnessing the potential of redox technology, ASEA's redox supplement communicates with your body on a cellular level, activating genetic pathways to support various essential functions. These functions encompass the enhancement of gut health, reinforcement of the immune system, bolstering resilience against stressors and the promotion of cardiovascular wellbeing. As a UK stockist of ASEA supplements, browse the carefully curated selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is redox signalling?

Redox signalling molecules are essential components produced within every cell in the body. They serve as messengers or activators, with activator molecules triggering the activation of antioxidants that combat oxidative free radicals, while messenger molecules facilitate cell communication and boost the immune system's defences. Maintaining a balance of redox signalling is crucial to counteract oxidative stress caused by environmental factors. As we age and face stress and environmental toxins, our ability to produce these molecules efficiently diminishes. Researchers have sought ways to supplement redox signalling molecules to address the effects of ageing and environmental stress, with ASEA having developed a patented technology to replicate these molecules outside the body.

What are the active ingredients in ASEA?

The ASEA redox supplement is a specially-designed oral formulation made from a pure saline solution which contains 123 mg of sodium and 129 mg chloride per 120ml serving. This unique formula contains a balanced blend of stabilised redox signalling molecules that mirror those naturally generated by the human body.

Is ASEA anti-ageing?

ASEA's redox signalling technology aims to reduce the signs of ageing and improve damaged skin. As a stable and consumable dietary supplement that can be consumed by all ages, ASEA redox supplement is a great option to achieve optimal cellular function, reduce oxidative stress and combat the negative effects of ageing.