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Positively influence both body and mind with the dynamic range of KIKI Health products and supplements.


KIKI Health

Positively influence both body and mind with the dynamic range of KIKI Health products and supplements.

KIKI Health advocates natural nourishment for the body and skin, utilising whole foods to achieve a remarkable look and feel. Since its establishment in 1999, KIKI Health has been dedicated to harnessing the power of plant-based, natural ingredients with exceptional effectiveness and bioavailability. Their botanicals offer a myriad of benefits, making them an ideal complement to a vegan diet and for using as part of your beauty and skincare regime.

Backed by research, KIKI Health designs its products to help individuals achieve their health goals. With sustainability at the forefront, their supplements contain no synthetics, fillers or artificial components. These wellness offerings are rich in essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals, providing an unbeatable boost to the brain, skin, and body. Acknowledging that true beauty starts from within, KIKI Health caters to health-conscious beauty enthusiasts.

Every ingredient is meticulously selected for potency and ethically processed to ensure optimal bioavailability. With sustainable packaging and formulas brimming with premium ingredients, KIKI Health sets a unique standard in natural wellbeing and supplements. As a UK stockist of KIKI Health supplements, browse and buy from the carefully curated selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are KIKI Health?

Born from an impulse to promote optimum health and wellbeing, KIKI Health is a producer of dietary supplements, oils and green powders. Their range of products are designed to promote better sleep, improve heart health, balance your mind and generally support your health. KIKI Health supplements are all made in the UK, utilising sustainable, plant-based ingredients that are free from preservatives.

What ingredients are in KIKI Health products?

KIKI Health products use a range of different ingredients, although all of them are plant-based and sustainable. The range of KIKI Health superfoods and supplements includes activated charcoal, coconut oil, collagen, liquid chlorophyll, magnesium oil, matcha powder, spirulina and more. Some products use a blend of different superfoods, while others consist of 100% of the active ingredient.

Are KIKI Health products vegan?

Yes, KIKI Health products are 100% vegan. As well as being free from any animal products, KIKI Health supplements are also free from genetically modified materials, fillers, preservatives and synthetics.