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Trusted by physiotherapists, loved by you.



Trusted by physiotherapists, loved by you.

Meglio is an Italian brand that, since 2017, has aimed to help people improve their fitness and overall wellbeing. They inspire people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to live more active lives with their range of portable and lightweight exercise equipment.

Meglio started by providing solutions for injuries by supplying physiotherapy equipment directly to physiotherapists. Their range of kinesiology tape, premium resistance bands and acupuncture needles is trusted by physio clinics all around the UK, with them since becoming an official NHS supplier. Now, their products are not only designed to treat injuries, they also prevent them.

Meglio fitness products - such as their resistance bands - offer a simple yet effective way to build strength and tone muscles without having to leave the comfort of your home. As a UK stockist of Meglio equipment, browse the selection at healf.