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Experience the next generation in oral care with PÄRLA, where innovation meets sustainability.



Experience the next generation in oral care with PÄRLA, where innovation meets sustainability. PÄRLA's visionary products are the brainchild of a team of esteemed dentists; Dr. Rhona Eskander, Dr. Simon Chard and Dr. Adarsh Thanki. Crafted with their expertise, each product empowers you to embrace a confident smile while actively contributing to a greener planet.

Discover the revolutionary naturally whitening PÄRLA toothpaste tablets. These tabs feature an exceptional formula infused with cutting-edge, ethical and eco-friendly ingredients. Embrace the zero-waste ethos as you indulge in plastic-free oral care, making a conscientious choice that not only benefits your smile but also minimises your environmental footprint. Improve your oral wellness with PÄRLA and redefine the way you care for your teeth and the planet. As a UK stockist of PÄRLA oral care products, browse the carefully curated selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Parla toothpaste work?

Parla toothpaste tablets are essentially dehydrated toothpaste, meticulously shaped into small, compact forms. Instead of squeezing toothpaste, these tablets require a gentle chew to initiate their foaming action. Once the froth emerges, your brushing ritual begins. Among a host of potent ingredients, Parla Pro uses hydroxyapatite, a vital component that aids in teeth remineralisation. Accompanying this is potassium citrate, which helps to reduce teeth sensitivity, and fluoride, known for its powerful anti-tooth decay properties.

Do Parla tablets whiten teeth?

Absolutely, Parla tablets are intentionally formulated for teeth whitening, offering remarkable results. Their whitening properties are seamlessly integrated into the design, ensuring your teeth receive the care they deserve.

Does Parla contain fluoride?

Yes, Parla toothpaste tablets do contain fluoride. Fluoride, a natural mineral integral to tooth structure, is present in their tabs at a concentration of 1450ppm. This concentration aligns with the guidance of their founding dental experts and serves as an effective measure against tooth decay.