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Physical Company

Shop our selection of products from Physical Company.

Founded in 1989 by Penny and Steve Halls, Physical Company has now transitioned to being led by their three sons. Despite the growth, the brand's commitment to providing great customer service remains at its core, shaped by the family legacy. Over the past 30 years, Physical Company has earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering excellence, offering high-quality products, exceptional customer support and great value for money.

Driven by the desire to inspire, Physical Company prioritises innovation, constantly seeking ways to enhance the exercise experience. They continuously invest in new equipment and improve existing product offerings by integrating cutting-edge technology. Their diverse range caters to various commercial fitness spaces, from national gyms and independent clubs to smaller workout spaces and fitness studios. Additionally, their products are suitable for individuals, including therapists, providing both traditional and innovative exercise equipment.

Choose from fitness accessories including kettlebells, dumbbells and stability balls for everything from functional training to mind-body workouts. Physical Company specialise in everything a modern day fitness space needs, including workout accessories, strength training equipment and aerobic products. As a UK stockist of products from the Physical Company, browse the selection at healf.