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Explore our diverse range of Pukka teas, each carefully crafted to support different aspects of your wellbeing.



Explore our diverse range of Pukka teas, each carefully crafted to support different aspects of your wellbeing. From detoxifying blends that aid digestion and boost your immune system to herbal infusions that promote focus, relaxation, and restful sleep, Pukka has tea for every moment. Free UK delivery on orders over £50.

Embodying the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Pukka is built upon the principles of truth, respect, purity, and effort. Their teas are a testament to healthier living through the power of organic plants. With Pukka, you can enjoy the pure goodness of organic herbs and botanicals, free from synthetic additives, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients.

Each Pukka tea blend is carefully formulated to provide specific health benefits, artfully combining a unique selection of herbs and botanicals to support digestion, relaxation, detoxification, immunity and vitality. Whether you're seeking a soothing cup before bedtime or an invigorating blend to uplift your energy, Pukka teas cater to your diverse needs.

Take, for instance, their Night Time tea; a blend crafted with natural relaxants like lavender and chamomile. It gently lulls a restless body and mind, helping you achieve undisturbed, refreshing sleep. Caffeine-free and composed of calming herbs, this blend invites your body to unwind before bedtime.

Pukka teas harness the power of various herbs, including lavender, limeflower, ginseng, and turmeric, to create rejuvenating blends. Each sip is a delightful fusion of soothing and revitalising flavours. Rest assured, every ingredient is 100% organically grown and ethically sourced, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and quality. As a UK stockist, buy Pukka tea online from healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Pukka tea come from?

Pukka are based in the UK, but their teas use herbs grown by a few thousand, small-scale organic farmers across more than 20 different countries. Many of the main herbal ingredients come from India, which inspired the name ‘Pukka’. All ingredients are 100% organic and ethically sourced from across the globe, and work with Pukka as long-term partners.

Are Pukka teas vegan?

All Pukka teas are vegetarian but there are some in their range that are not vegan. Some Pukka teas use Manuka honey, and wouldn’t be considered vegan-friendly.

Are Pukka teas caffeine free?

Many teas from Pukka are naturally caffeine free, but there are some exceptions. Matcha and green tea naturally contain caffeine, so these would not be caffeine free. Decaffeinated varieties of these teas alter the plants natural chemistry, so Pukka avoid this process. However, matcha and green teas do contain L-theanine; this helps to balance the effects of caffeine in your body.

Do Pukka tea bags have plastic in them?

Pukka tea bags do not contain plastic, as they use an organic cotton string to hold their teabags together. Other companies use metal staples or a plastic - polypropylene - to seal tea bags together so they are not plastic free.