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Let your body unwind through these carefully selected recovery products.


Let your body unwind through these carefully selected recovery products. Including massage balls and foam rollers. We prefer the long Epsom salt bath and acupressure mat than the workout we did in the first place... Shop our selection of yoga massage balls, foam rollers and other accessories to aid your recovery after gym and fitness sessions. Sustainably sourced and endorsed by our community of experts, our range of eco friendly foam rollers and massage balls will become a key part of your daily healthy living routine. Chosen from the best reviewed yoga and fitness brands, including HigherDOSELMNTTherabody and Yogi Bare. Browse and buy online from our selection of rollers and massage balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do foam rollers do?

Foam rollers are used for self-myofascial release. Rolling out your muscles helps to relieve inflammation, soreness and tightness, as well as improving your range of movement. As long as a foam roller is utilised consistently, it has similar benefits to stretching while not impairing strength.

Should I choose a foam roller or massage ball?

Both foam rollers and massage balls have similar applications - releasing exercise-induced tension and soreness. Foam rollers target larger areas of the body, meaning that you can ease soreness across an entire muscle group. They can sometimes be softer and more comfortable than some massage balls. Balls, on the other hand, are designed to target specific trigger points and, due to their size, easier to transport.

Do you use a foam roller before or after workout?

Foam rollers can be used both before and after your workout. Foam rolling before exercising can help to increase elasticity and circulation, while rolling after a workout helps with recovery. You’ll want to use your foam roller before stretching, and focus on the areas that feel especially problematic.