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Shop our selection of aromatherapy candles from Self Care Co.


Self Care Co.

Shop our selection of aromatherapy candles from Self Care Co. These award-winning, eco-friendly candles are designed to improve your mood and emotional wellbeing. Utilising a range of natural scents, Self Care Co candles are also 100% plant-based.

Self Care Co. was founded in 2018 by Nicole and Adelaide with the aim of producing aromatherapy candles with therapeutic applications, such as to help with low mood and anxiety. Their vegan candles, made with essential oils, provide a moment of peace - a natural way for you to feel calmer - and also make great gifts. As a UK stockist of Self Care Co candles, browse our collection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Self Care Co. candles made from?

Handmade in small batches, Self Care Co. eco-friendly candles are 100% plant-based, using natural soy wax and pure essential oils.

What scents are available?

There are a range of strong, natural scents available, from refreshing eucalyptus and peppermint and uplifting rosemary, to calming lavender and orange, cosy cinnamon and clove and comforting orange blossom and grapefruit.

How do Self Care Co reed diffusers work?

Reed diffusers from Self Care Co work by dispersing natural scents into the air, unlike their vegan candles that require heat. Reeds are inserted into a small glass jar which contains the essential oils, which are then soaked up by the reeds and emitted around your home.