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Human Upgrade Device- Taopatch is a nanotechnology device that combines light therapy and acupuncture.



Human Upgrade Device- Taopatch is a nanotechnology device that combines light therapy and acupuncture.

It contains nanocrystals that convert heat from your body into light (it actually glows in the dark). This light is sent into specific acupuncture points on your body, which helps your body “remember” how to naturally communicate with the rest of the body. This leads to lots of health benefits, from better balance and posture to better sleep, focus, athletic performance, pain relief and more.

Taopatch was created by Italian bioengineer Fabio Fontana. Fabio spent a decade studying the disruptive effects of electromagnetic pollution on our health. Nine years ago, he had a life threatening accident and suddenly found himself dealing with constant headaches, restricted movement and chronic pain.

After attempting every possible approach with conventional medicine, Fabio turned to new and cutting edge approaches in biophysics and laser-therapy. What he noticed was that his movements were rapidly improving and his pain tremendously decreased.

That's when he realized that, just like a knife can be a dangerous weapon or a tool to feed people, frequencies can be harmful (like EMF pollution) or extremely beneficial to our health and wellbeing (like Taopatch, which allows the innate intelligence of your body to restore its natural alignment). Taopatch's mission is to transform symptom-focused pharmaceutical medicine into vibrational medicine.

Taopatch was originally developed to treat muscle contractures. One day one of the doctors who was using it decided to try it on a patient with multiple sclerosis who couldn't walk without assistance. Within minutes that patient started walking freely. This is when Fabio realized the real potential for this technology is unlimited.

Taopatch have spent the last 8 years applying the principles of acupuncture to low-level laser therapy using their nanotechnology. They have helped thousands of people with Multiple Sclerosis, athletes, people suffering from pain, emotional imbalance and lots of other symptoms.

Now, 8 years later, they've conducted double-blind studies at major universities, and have sold over 350,000 devices through a network of 2,200 doctors. 

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