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Boost your immune system and overall wellbeing with our carefully curated range of vitamin C supplements.


Vitamin C

Boost your immune system and overall wellbeing with our carefully curated range of vitamin C supplements.

Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin C is essential to bolstering a robust immune system, promoting skin health and ensuring the strength of blood vessels. This potent vitamin plays a pivotal role in the normal functioning of your immune system, supports energy metabolism and combats fatigue. Its benefits extend to the synthesis of collagen, vital for the maintenance of healthy bones, cartilage, gums, teeth and skin. Additionally, it acts as a guardian against oxidative stress, while contributing to the maintenance of normal blood, fat and cholesterol levels.

However, vitamin C is an essential nutrient that the body cannot produce or store. While it is present in fruits and vegetables, vitamin C can be easily degraded by various processes, such as storage, peeling, freezing and cooking. To ensure you meet your daily requirements, opting for a high-quality vitamin C supplement is often a wise choice.

Boosting your vitamin C intake has never been more convenient. Choose from our selection of vitamin C supplements from leading brands like OQO and Pure Encapsulations to safeguard your health with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of vitamin C supplements?

Vitamin C supplements offer an array of advantages. They contribute to cell protection and overall cellular health, while also playing a role in the maintenance of vibrant skin, robust blood vessels and strong bones. Vitamin C aids in energy-yielding metabolism and enhances nutrient absorption. Additionally, it supports the upkeep of mental wellbeing and mood regulation. Vitamin C supplements bolster the immune system, lowering your susceptibility to colds, promoting skin vitality, diminishing signs of ageing and alleviating fatigue.

How do you know if you have low vitamin C?

Low vitamin C levels can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, joint and muscle aches, dry and damaged skin, frequent infections, slow wound healing, swollen and painful joints, mood changes, dry and splitting hair, and weakened immunity. If you suspect you have low vitamin C levels, consider adding vitamin C-rich foods to your diet or take vitamin C supplements as part of your daily routine.

Can you take vitamin C supplements everyday?

Some people believe you can't take vitamin C supplements every day due to misconceptions about potential side effects. For example, there is a belief that vitamin C results in issues like like digestive upset and kidney stones. However, you can take vitamin C supplements every day, and there's no need to worry about dependency. It's generally safe to take vitamin C supplements daily to support your overall health.