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Wild Nutrition

Shop our selection of products from Wild Nutrition. A natural collection of food-grown supplements and multi nutrient jars to support immunity, fertility, pregnancy and everyday healthy living. Free UK delivery on orders over £50.

Founded in the UK by nutritional practitioner Henrietta Norton and her husband Charlie, Wild Nutrition produce natural, food-grown supplements designed to help people live life in balance. Their food-based method involves selecting natural ingredients and growing these in a whole food paste, resulting in a nutrient-rich supplement. Wild Nutrition supplements have numerous benefits, including helping to regulate hormone levels, regulate energy levels and support immunity. As a UK stockist of Wild Nutrition products, browse the selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

One Wild Deodorant refill lasts around one month, although this will depend upon how often you apply your deodorant. For example, if you use just two or three swipes per day, then a refill can last around two months. You can buy a Wild Nutrition subscription from healf to ensure that you are always fully stocked.

Wild Nutrition was founded in 2013 by Henrietta and Charlie Norton, with the aim of creating supplements as a solution to Henrietta’s ongoing battle with endometriosis.

What are Wild Nutrition capsules made from?

Wild Nutrition supplement capsules are made from 100% vegetable cellulose.None of the products from WIld Nutrition contain dairy, gluten or wheat, and they also don’t use nuts in the manufacturing process. However, not all products are vegan, so ensure you check the packaging if you are on a plant-based diet.

Are Wild Nutrition supplements organic?

All of the ingredients and nutrients used in Wild Nutrition products are organically grown, meaning they are completely free from pesticides, heavy metals and so on.