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Shop our selection of products from Wunder Workshop.


Wunder Workshop

Shop our selection of products from Wunder Workshop. A consciously crafted collection of ethically-grown and sourced natural nootropic supplements, blends and herbal tinctures.

Launched in 2014, Wunder Workshop’s range of products for physical and mental health are inspired by Ayurveda; an ancient, holistic medical system. The functional ingredients of their products are ethically and sustainably sourced with both integrity and purpose, mostly from small community farms in Sri Lanka. As a UK stockist of Wunder Workshop nootropics, browse the carefully curated selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wunder Workshop's mission?

Wunder Workshop aims to share high quality sourced herbs and plants while protecting the wellbeing of their farmers. Their products preserve the traditional wisdom of medicinal plants, with food and supplements seen as functional tools to enrich both body and mind.

What ingredients are in Wunder Workshop products?

Wunder Workshop products utilise a range of different ingredients, although all are certified organic (where possible) and sustainably sourced. Much of the collection consists of a blend of different nootropics, each of which have their own specific benefits. For example, Golden Glow, designed to help skin health, contains maca, turmeric, Siberian ginseng, Brahmi and black pepper.

Where are Wunder Workshop's ingredients grown?

Many of Wunder Workshop’s organic ingredients are ethically sourced from family-owned farms and community-run co-operatives in Sri Lanka. This helps to support the natural biodiversity and soil health of the farms, as well as supporting the farmers and local communities themselves. Some ingredients are grown elsewhere; for example, their honey is sustainable sourced from Zambian forests.