Frequently Asked Questions.

Everything you need to know about Healf Zone.

What is Healf Zone?

Healf Zone represents the future of wellbeing, one where people have more insight, understanding, and control of their lives. With a combination of at-home blood diagnostics, wearable data, and questionnaire results, it measures your wellbeing and provides actionable insights via your dashboard. Our team includes healthcare professionals, technical experts, and health-tech specialists, supported by an advisory board of industry leaders such as David Sinclair and Gary Brecka. 

What does Healf Zone do for you?

Healf Zone leverages the power of world-leading neurosymbolic technology to give you the most accurate and personalised insights at an unprecedented scale. This game-changing development is capable of analysing thousands of combinations of your biomarkers, synced vitals, lifestyle and the entire scientific literature, finding powerful answers and impactful supplements to unlock your wellbeing.

After your first test, you will receive access to your Healf Zone, where all of your health markers and curated recommendations will be illustrated in one simple dashboard, allowing you to really understand how your body works and track the impactful changes along the way. Designed to stay with you for a lifetime, it will continuously learn and improve recommendations based on your progress and new scientific discoveries, offering you the most up-to-date and targeted health interventions. 

Why choose Healf Zone?

From the time we are born to who we are today, our environment, diet, daily habits, and mindset shape a unique ecosystem within us. Healf Zone is the first health membership that honours the biochemical individuality of every human and elevates it with comprehensive test routines and personalised product recommendations from the world’s best health brands.


What you can expect

  • Month 1: After four weeks, you may start to feel higher energy levels. Your sleep may start to improve.
  • Month 3: Within three months, you may start seeing improvements with your skin, hair, and nails, and finding it easier to recover from workouts. 
  • Month 6: Once you join Healf Zone, you never go back. You’ll find yourself telling your friends how smart you’ve been to join the future of personalised health. 

Where do Healf Zone’s personalised insights come from?

Healf Zone’s leading neurosymbolic AI technology analyses millions of combinations of your data and the entire scientific literature to reveal hidden trends that humans are likely to miss. The medical community typically only performs comprehensive tests when they suspect something is wrong, which means that there is limited data available at random intervals. This has made it difficult to meaningfully apply artificial intelligence to diagnostics and make health predictions. Most insights right now come from averages across large populations. However, with Healf Zone, you can build a long-term dataset of your unique health with detailed biomarkers, synced vitals, and lifestyle that can unlock a new level of intelligence specifically about you. The longer you test, the greater the insights will become. Your test results include explanations and meaningful recommendations specifically relevant to your unique needs. 


Our platform integrates your health data with lifestyle information to provide highly relevant product recommendations and insights. The platform is compatible with wearable fitness trackers and accessible anytime, anywhere. We believe that understanding what's happening inside your body is crucial for making effective health changes, and we provide the tools to help you optimise your wellbeing.

How do I get started?

Every Healf Zone journey begins with a test. Join Healf Zone here.

How soon can I get tested after joining?

Typically within just a few days. Once you join, we will send your first test to your home.

How old do I have to be to use Healf Zone?

18 years and older.

What are blood biomarkers?

Biomarkers are measurable substances, genes, or characteristics found in your blood that give us critical insights about our health. From genes to proteins, these biomarkers provide information that can diagnose diseases and conditions, predict health outcomes, alert us to inflammation, or help us adjust treatments. They’re key to letting us know if our health is optimal or if we need to start adjusting things like our diet or supplements, and how.

What are optimal blood test ranges?

When it comes to monitoring health through blood tests, understanding the difference between reference ranges and optimal ranges is crucial. 

Reference ranges are used in traditional blood tests as a basis for comparing your results to what is deemed normal. However, these ranges are often too generic and only identify an issue when biomarkers are extremely high or low. They cannot provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Optimal ranges are significantly different as they are tailored to reflect more personalised health markers. They take into account a myriad of demographic and lifestyle factors to provide personalised benchmarks for your unique biology, painting a nuanced picture of how you can truly elevate your wellbeing and longevity.

How accurate are at-home blood test kits?

Home blood test kits are generally accurate, but it is important to note that there is always a margin of error, just like with any medical test. We recommend watching our step-by-step instructional video to guide you through the process and help ensure that you collect an accurate sample.

Does Healf Zone integrate with my Oura, Whoop, Apple Health or other services?

Healf Zone integrates with all wearable devices, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation.

Healf Zone is currently in beta. What does beta mean?

Beta means that Healf Zone is not yet fully developed and there will be rapid changes with occasional bugs. Patience is required.

After the first round of lab tests are complete, beta members will receive a first-of-its-kind health dashboard. Dashboard features include charting lab test results over time (past results will be automatically loaded) and an organised composite of all recommendations and doctor reviews into a single view.

What if I’m buying more than one kit?

If you purchased multiple test kits for your household, some special notes:

Each test kit can only have one unique email address associated with it when registering. Everybody in your household will need to have a separate and unique email address to register their test kit.

Make sure that the test kits are identified for each individual after online registration is complete. This is important because the sample collection tubes are associated with the Sample ID. We recommend writing down each person's name on the outside of each test kit to avoid mixing up test kits, sample collection tubes, and ensure the Sample ID matches the registered email address.

Please note that you will not be able to switch test kits with someone else after registering a test kit. Healf Zone requests separate and unique email addresses to create an account for each household member to prevent confusion on which test results belong to which household member.

How can I change the biological sex, date of birth, or e-mail address I used to sign up on Healf Zone?

If you believe that you need to change the biological sex, date of birth, or e-mail address information stored on your account, please contact our customer service team here.

Can I use Healf Zone if I am outside the UK?

Currently, we are unable to offer the option to order our blood tests outside of the UK. However, we are working towards expanding Healf Zone to enable customers to upload their own test results in the future. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to providing this valuable feature soon.

In the meantime, you can sign up on our mailing list and when our service outside of the UK is up and running we will contact you.

How should I prepare before taking the test?

Our blood test kit requires fasting for 8 hours before collecting your sample. For the best results, we recommend taking it in the morning and drinking at least two glasses of water 30 minutes before you begin.

When should I take and send my sample?

You should collect your sample in the morning after an 8-hour fast any day between Monday - Thursday, as this ensures your test arrives at the labs on a working day. Please avoid Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, as your kit may sit in transit too long, which could result in a failed test. Your collected sample should then be posted the same day to prevent the sample from coagulating, which then cannot be used by the lab.

How can I guarantee the best results from my kit?

  • Our number one tip is to follow the instructions closely and carefully while making sure to take your time collecting your sample. Our instructions and tips are there for a reason (we promise!) and by following them you have the best chance of collecting your sample in the best way to get accurate results.
  • Stay hydrated:  Drinking plenty of water before your test can make your veins more visible and blood flow more freely.
  • Exercise:  Exercise can help increase blood flow - we recommend some light exercise like swinging arms or some star jumps should be sufficient.
  • Warm up your hands:  Place your hand in warm water for 3 minutes, or take a hot shower before taking the test. 
  • When you’ve pricked your finger, massage it to stimulate blood flow in a milking motion down to the pricked area. Don’t squeeze your finger tightly, as this can affect the plasma dilution and lead to haemolysis. If you feel like you can’t get any more blood from your finger, clean another finger and use a new lancet to try again.
  • Stand up: Gravity can help with blood flow, so consider standing during the collection process. You could also make sure that your hand is hanging down, and drip the blood into the tubes that way.
  • Fasting for about 8 hours before the blood draw will help ensure the accuracy of the blood test. The easy way to do this is to take your test before you’ve had breakfast, after waking up.
  • Mix tubes correctly:  After you've collected your blood, it's crucial to mix it properly with the additives in the collection tube. Follow the instructions provided on how to do this, and you’ll be mixing like a scientist.
  • Collect samples Monday to Thursday:  This ensures that your sample isn't sitting in a postbox or sorting office over the weekend, or at our lab, which could lead to sample degradation.
  • Post your sample promptly:  Post your sample the same day you collect it, in a priority postbox – you can find one here: Delaying sending your sample can increase the risk of haemolysis.

What if I can’t collect a sample?

While we’ll try our best to help find a solution, at-home blood testing may not be for you right now. We want to make sure that everyone has access to their health data. So, the good news is that we’ll soon be introducing a phlebotomy service. This means you’ll be able to visit a participating nearby pharmacy or health clinic and have your blood drawn for you venously, which you can then send to our lab for results.

How will I be notified when my lab test results are ready?

Once we receive each set of results, we will notify you through email and text. You can access the results directly by logging into Healf Zone.

Is it possible to download my results to share with my GP?

Your results are available for you to download in a PDF format and share with your GP. Follow these steps to access your PDF:

  • Login to your dashboard using this link
  • Click on your account icon located in the upper-right corner
  • Select 'Results history'
  • On this page it should show an arrow, the date, and the name of the test that you did - Click here
  • The drop-down menu will open where you can click the button 'Download results' to access the PDF of your results.

Does Healf Zone replace my doctor or concierge care membership?

No, Healf Zone does not replace your doctor or concierge care. Instead, it makes you a more powerful patient. Membership includes repeated lab tests and provides detailed insights from the world's top doctors specific to each result. Additionally, you will receive a supplement plan to optimise your wellbeing and a dashboard to track your progress. 

Bringing a history of lab test results to your next doctor visit may reduce the need for follow-up tests and enable a more productive appointment. Healf Zone is designed to make the doctor's time more effective and empower you to be your own advocate.

Do my biomarkers frequently naturally fluctuate?

Your body is ever-changing. Your eating, sleeping, stress and outdoor exposure all impact your body. Regular testing allows you to understand how your health is changing and therefore what you can do to improve it.

Will Healf Zone explain to me why I feel the way I do?

Healf Zone includes insights that can help illuminate the role of vitamins, minerals, and toxins on your wellbeing and the imbalances that can sometimes contribute to depression, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, attention deficits, mood swings, and more.

Why has my sample failed?

Failed biomarkers mean that one or more biomarkers couldn’t be tested or accurately measured from your blood sample. This could be due to haemolysis, insufficient sample volume, or other reasons.

If your biomarkers fail, don't worry. You’ll be notified by email, and you can then choose to repeat the testing process and get the results you need with no fees.

Can medications impact the test results?

Yes, medications can impact the results of a blood test. Certain medications may affect the levels of various biomarkers in your blood, potentially altering the test outcomes. The health assessment that you do will also ask you what medications you are taking so that we are aware and any medications you take are recorded on your dashboard.

If you have any concerns about specific medications and their impact on your blood test, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider once receiving your results.

Our Commitment to Accuracy

We understand how important accurate health data is – it’s our whole business. That's why we offer free, express returns to get your sample to our lab as soon as possible. Our labs are fully safety accredited with our test kits regulated by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, and we’re continuously improving our methods to get you the most accurate results possible. 

Data Protection & Ethics

Your wellbeing is in safe hands. Healf Zone employs a state-of-the-art data security architecture that goes beyond the UK standard for data privacy regulations (GDPR, DPA, ISO 27701 and HIPAA) and achieves gold standard HITRUST CSF Validation and unbreakable encryption methods. Furthermore, our leading health technology adheres to ISO 38507 ethical frameworks for AI governance and accountability.