LMNT Community Lead


HOW TO APPLY: Please submit your CV and a few sentences on why you're a great fit for the role to careers@healf.com


About the role:

By taking on the role of LMNT’s UK Community Lead, you will have a unique opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the growth of a leading brand in the health and wellness sector. The role is focused on increasing LMNT’s brand awareness in the UK market and educating both new and existing customers on the health benefits of taking LMNT. Delighting existing customers of LMNT and doubling down on building a “salty community” will be key.  Your efforts will shape the success of LMNT and help the brand to become the no.1 leader in the UK Electrolyte market. 

Your Responsibilities will include:


  • Stockist Onboarding:

  • Identify and onboard new stockists for LMNT through our partner program, focusing on niche gyms, saunas, and specialty stores. This will include curating a list of potential businesses and locations across the UK where LMNT aligns with their clientele and objectives. You will need to present LMNT’s unique product offering and value proposition to prospective partners whilst establishing strong business relationships with the “salt dealers” once they are onboarded.


  • Health Leader Partnerships

  • Integral to growing the LMNT brand will be getting the product into the hands of the right people. This role will need to research, build and nurture relationships with key athlete and health leaders in the UK with vast networks both online and offline; as well as operating engaging strategies to increase awareness and sales. Building strong partnerships here will be crucial to success in this role.


  • Community Initiatives

  • - Grassroots Communities: Identifying and engaging with communities where LMNT has the greatest impact such as triathlete, running clubs, pregnancy forums, crossfit gyms and the like.

    - Event Sponsorship: Target a mix of local grassroots events (e.g., Park Runs & Run Clubs) and mass participation events (such as the London Marathon) for LMNT sponsorship to enhance brand visibility.

    - Content: Develop strategies to raise awareness about the benefits of LMNT. This will involve creating content for digital channels to help support an individual’s health journey with electrolytes, along with venturing into the podcast space. The goal is to cultivate a vibrant LMNT community by organising and promoting community events, challenges, and initiatives that encourage active participation and promote education.


  • Reporting and Analysis:

    Regularly analyse the success of marketing initiatives, providing detailed reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and using insights to refine strategies. The role will also be heavily geared towards getting as much customer feedback on LMNT and providing actionable insights to LMNT. 



    - First and foremost, you must have a passion for health & fitness; and making the world a saltier place.

    - Naturally confident and talented in sales and relationship-building, preferably in the health and wellness industry.

    - Strong understanding of the health and wellness industry, particularly in sports and fitness.

    - Creative thinking and a strategic mindset.

    - Self-motivated and able to work independently.

    - Coaching or nutrition certifications are a plus.