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WHOOP wearables redefine fitness tracking, monitoring sleep, strain, recovery and more for a holistic view of your health. With personalised insights and seamless integration into your lifestyle, WHOOP learns your body's patterns to guide you towards your fitness goals.


Looking for a WHOOP voucher code? You can find regular deals across our site, with exclusive discounts available for new customers, students and key workers. Keep a look out for seasonal sales to get products from the world’s top health brands to your doorstep for less.

WHOOP Student & NHS Discount

WHOOP Student & NHS Discount

Students shouldn’t be exempt from embracing a sustainable lifestyle and reaping its benefits. With that in mind, we offer a 15% off WHOOP student discount. Anyone over the age of 15 and in full-time education, including uni, college, sixth form and high school, can receive this discount.

Key workers are also eligible for 15% off. If you’re an NHS worker, for example, simply verify your employment to get your WHOOP NHS discount code. You can even get a discount on WHOOP when you follow @wearehealf on Instagram.

Get access to these exclusive discount codes here: https://secure.gocertify.me/at/healf