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Shop our selection of health supplements from Bare Biology and feel great.

Bare Biology

Shop our selection of health supplements from Bare Biology and feel great. Our range of Bare Biology capsules includes Omega-3 supplements as well as collagen powder, to support healthy hair, skin and nails.

Founded by Melanie Lawson in 2012, Bare Biology is a leading producer of high quality fish oil supplements. Their pure Omega 3 fish oils are sustainably sourced from certified Norwegian fisheries, bottled in the UK, and deliver EPA and DHA at high strengths.

Bare Biology also has a range of vegan-friendly Omega 3 oil - ideal if you have a vegetarian or vegan diet - and pure marine collagen to support healthy hair, skin, bones and nails. As a UK stockist of Bare Biology capsules and products, browse our carefully curated selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are used in Bare Biology products?

Bare Biology fish oils are sourced from wild, sustainably-fished anchovy, mackerel and sardine. Their products also contain Sicilian lemon oil for flavour and a hint of Vitamin E. Unlike other omega 3 capsules, those created by Bare Biology use fish gelatin rather than that sourced from beef or pork.

What are the benefits of Bare Biology omega-3 capsules?

Bare Biology omega 3 capsules have numerous benefits. Firstly, omega-3 benefits blood pressure - aiding with the maintenance of normal blood pressure - and helps with heart health. Secondly, it contributes to good brain, eye and skin health. Finally, omega 3 has a number of benefits for pregnant women, such as helping with foetal development.

Who should take omega-3 fish oil and how regularly?

Due to the numerous benefits, omega-3 fish oil is recommended for everyone, especially if you are struggling to eat the necessary amount of oily fish to get these benefits without using a supplement. Bare Biology capsules are especially recommended for pregnant women - due to the supporting role omega-3 plays in foetal development - and for children - due to omega 3’s role in supporting your child’s rapidly growing brain and nervous system.

The amount of omega 3 you should take depends very much on your lifestyle and health goals. For good general health, adults should be aiming for a minimum of 250-500mg combined EPA and DHA fatty acids.