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Hifas da Terra

Shop our selection of products from Hifas da Terra. The range of Hifas da Terra products consists of a unique collection of supplements that harness nutrients from medicinal mushrooms to offer natural protection.

Hifas da Terra (HdT) is an innovative biotechnology centre that researches and produces nutraceuticals from medicinal mushrooms. Their therapeutic range of organic and vegan mushroom supplements and oils is designed to aid an array of different health concerns from anxiety and insomnia to gastrointestinal health complaints. As a UK stockist of Hifas da Terra supplements, browse the carefully curated selection at healf. For more options, see our selection of natural nootropics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Hifas da Terra?

Hifas da Terra is an R&D focussed biotech company that specialises in developing medicinal mushrooms for human health and wellbeing. With one of the largest mushroom stain banks in Europe, Hifas da Terra develops natural products that have numerous benefits in terms of gastro-intestinal, immunology, musculoskeletal and mental health. Hifas da Terra supplements are made with 100% plant-based organic ingredients, and are suitable for coeliacs, vegans and people with intolerances to lactose.

What is mycotherapy?

Coined by researchers at Hifas da Terra, mycotherapy refers to using extracts from medicinal mushrooms for therapeutic purposes. Medicinal mushrooms have numerous applications and benefits due to their immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory properties, and are proven to help with easing the symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, menopause and many more health concerns.

What mushrooms are used in Hifas da Terra products?

Hifas da Terra products utilise a number of different mushrooms, including Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. Each of these has different benefits; Reishi can help boost your immune system, Lion’s Mane can stimulate the growth of brain cells, and Cordyceps can help to increase your energy levels.