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Support your practice with our range of meditation cushions and pillows.



Support your practice with our range of meditation cushions and pillows. Find Zafus, Zabutons and buckwheat meditation cushions available in an assortment of both contemporary and traditional styles and colours.

Shop our selection of eco-friendly meditation cushions. Our range of meditation equipment and props includes all you need to remain comfortable while achieving mental clarity and mindfulness, including meditation bolster cushions, eye pillows and ergonomic meditation pillows. This includes ever popular Zafu cushions, zafu, specifically designed to bring comfort and serenity during meditation sessions.

All of our meditation products have been sustainably sourced, rated by a panel of trusted healthy living experts and positively reviewed by our wider community. Browse and buy online from our full range of meditation cushions, from leading brands including Yoga Studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice designed to increase awareness and achieve mental clarity through the utilisation of a technique, such as focussing on a specific thought. Meditation has been practised for centuries, across numerous cultures and within many religions. Meditation can be a central part of your healthy living routine, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and improve perception and mental wellbeing.

Does meditation really work?

Meditation does really work, even if some of the benefits are little understood. Meditation gives you a sense of calm that, in turn, can benefit your mental wellbeing and overall health, especially when done alongside other practices that also help with stress reduction (such as yoga).

How often should you meditate?

It really is up to you! There are no strict rules about how often you should meditate - even a few minutes per day of relaxed, meditative breathing techniques can help. You may find, however, that two short meditation sessions each day (such as in the morning and evening) can help to calm your mind and lower your stress levels.

Does meditation help you to sleep?

Meditation helps you sleep better by reducing anxious thoughts that can very easily lead to insomnia and troubled sleep. Meditation creates a relaxed state of mind conducive to falling asleep, while some research even suggests that meditation can improve the quality of your sleep too. Meditation also slows your heart rate, which helps you to fall asleep more easily, particularly when practised alongside the use of natural sleep aids.