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Shop our selection of healthy gut supplements and probiotics from Microbz.



Shop our selection of healthy gut supplements and probiotics from Microbz. All Microbz probiotics and supplements are 100% natural and chemical free, so are good for you and good for the planet. Free UK delivery on orders over £50.

Microbz hand brews bio live cultures - otherwise known as probiotics - from their Wiltshire HQ in the UK. Completely natural and free from chemicals, Microbz probiotics boost beneficial microbes, leading to both healthy people and a healthy environment. Their range has numerous health benefits, aiding everything from sleep and fitness to fertility. As a UK stockist of Microbz products, browse the selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are beneficial microbes?

Microbz probiotics utilise beneficial microbes as a supplement to your diet. Microbes are single cell organisms that live naturally in your body and recycle animal waste and plant litter to their basic nutrients. Beneficial microbes work to balance the good and bad intestinal bacteria in your gut.

What are the benefits of Microbz probiotics?

Microbz probiotics boost beneficial microbes and restore balance. Probiotics help your body digest food, control bad bacteria, create vitamins and help support the cells that line your gut.

Are Microbz probiotics suitable for vegans?

The Bio-Live range from Microbz is suitable for vegans, having been approved and certified safe for vegetarians and vegans by the Vegetarian Society. All Microbz supplements consist of over 50 natural herbs, juices and minerals, and are free from allergens as they contain no dairy, nuts, soy or egg derivatives.