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Shop our selection of superfood blends and protein powders from Rheal Superfoods.


Rheal Superfoods

Shop our selection of superfood blends and protein powders from Rheal Superfoods. The range of Rheal Superfoods health foods consists of nutrient-dense protein and superfood blends to help boost immunity, maintain focus and improve your everyday health and fitness.

Originally founded under the name Super U, Rheal make accessible superfoods that are convenient for people to use everyday. Their products are made in the UK, certified organic, gluten free and backed by industry experts. Rheal Superfoods have many benefits, from helping to boost your immune system and supporting digestive health to nourishing your skin and improving focus. As a UK stockist of Rheal Superfoods, browse the selection at healf and get free UK delivery on all orders over £50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rheal products organic and vegan-friendly?

The entire range of Rheal Superfoods products are certified organic by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) in the UK. Their range is also free from dairy and animal products, so are 100% vegan. In addition, Rheal Superfoods products are gluten-free, use non-GMO ingredients and - with the exception of their energy bars - do not contain nuts.

How often can I take Rheal Superfoods?

You can find the recommended serving size of each Rheal superfood blend on the relevant product page. With most products, a daily serving is recommended, although you can take them more regularly and combine them together as they have different ingredients each with different health benefits. In addition, you can also enjoy the range of Rheal Superfoods blends alongside other vitamins and supplements.

Can I take Rheal Superfoods during pregnancy?

Rheal Balance Tonic, Berry Beauty, Clean Greens and Green Plant Protein can all be taken during pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding. However, with these superfood blends as well as the wider Rheal range, it is best to discuss taking them with your GP or midwife should you have any concerns.