Collection: Superfoods

The best and highest quality superfoods and blends to help support your health through the gifts of nature.


The best and highest quality superfoods and blends to help support your health through the gifts of nature.

Shop our curated selection of high quality organic superfood blends and powders, with many vegan options. Our collection of superfoods ranges from organic coconut and MCT oils through to plant-based protein, collagen, and mushroom powders, alongside many other superfood blends. These can aid your everyday healthy living routine by helping to boost immunity, increase energy, prevent fatigue, improve digestive health and much more.

Our healthy superfood powders have all been sustainably and ethically sourced, endorsed by experts and positively reviewed by our wider community. Browse and buy online from our full range of blended superfood powders, from leading brands including Ancient + Brave, Hifas da Terra, Natalia Botanicals, Organifi, Vibrant Health and Vivo Life. You can also complement these superfood options with our collections of organic vitamins, natural nootropicsgut health supplements and supergreens powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are nutritionally-dense but low calorie foods. They are usually plant-based, so ideal for a vegan diet. Superfoods contain protein, vitamins and antioxidants that can help to prevent heart disease and digestive problems, alongside a host of other health benefits. Many everyday foods have been given the superfood label, including blueberries, kale, sweet potatoes and many more.

Are superfood powders worth it?

Superfood powders are superfoods that have been dehydrated, finely ground, and (in many cases) blended. Superfood supplements are a great addition to your diet as they retain the nutrients and antioxidants that are present in their non-powder forms. Superfood powders have multiple benefits, such as helping to boost your immune system, keep hormones balanced and even support fighting cardiovascular diseases.

Which superfood powder is best?

As with any other food supplement, the best superfood powder depends on what nutrients you need and what benefits you are looking to gain. Superfood powders range from maca powder - known for its energy-boosting properties - and chlorella powder - an ideal source of plant-based vitamin B12 - through to many other supplements, like spirulina that is high in chlorophyll, iron and plant-based proteins.