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Shop our selection of organic vitamins, protein powders and superfoods from Vivo Life.

Vivo Life

Shop our selection of organic vitamins, protein powders and superfoods from Vivo Life. The Vivo Life collection includes cutting edge plant-based supplements designed to help you reach your goals. Free UK delivery on orders over £50.

Vivo Life make vegan health supplements and natural fitness products, designed for people and the planet. Their range of plant-based supplements is made in the UK with real food ingredients, completely free from additives, preservatives and fillers. Backed by science and containing a blend of the minerals you need as part of a healthy diet, Vivo Life superfood powders and vitamins will help you to achieve real results. As a UK stockist of Vivo Life products, browse the selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Vivo Life based?

Vivo Life are an award winning health supplement company, who make natural, plant-based supplements in their UK factory in Glastonbury.

What ingredients do Vivo Life superfoods contain?

Vivo Life superfoods contain a vast array of different ingredients, each of which has its own particular benefit, especially when consumed alongside a nutritious meal. Their organic Maca powder, for example, contains 100% certified organic gelatinised yellow maca powder which helps to boost mood and improve memory, while their ‘Perform’ protein contains a range of different ingredients alongside bio-fermented plant protein, such as reishi mushroom, freeze dried acai berry, Himalayan salt, raw cacao powder and turmeric extract.

You can check the ingredients within each of the Vivo Life superfood products that we offer on the product page, alongside other useful information like how regularly you should take the product, what dosage to use, and what effects and benefits you should expect.

Are Vivo Life superfoods organic?

All ingredients used in Vivo Life superfoods are ethically sourced, all natural and organically grown without using pesticides, herbicides and the like. However, this doesn’t mean that all ingredients are certified organic - some of them, such as bio-fermented pea protein, are simply too new and innovative to have written criteria on them. All their products are also 100% vegan, containing the minerals you need for optimum nutrition.