Date 08.08.2020

A 'Flower, Yoga, and Kettlebell Lover' On How She Lives A Healthy and Fulfilled Life

A 'Flower, Yoga, and Kettlebell Lover' On How She Lives A Healthy and Fulfilled Life

Who I am!

I am a flower lover who has to keep busy to stay sane.

The irony is years of frantic living and a full diary has tired my out and built up a lethargy in me. Also, I am an event florist who brings events to life with my love for flowers.

How I Stay Healthy - Kettlebells, Yoga and Flowers!


I have always loved weight training but through lockdown had to stop. So I have fallen back in love with kettlebells. They are a bit of a cheat because you throw them around (carefully) and before you know it you have spent so long focusing on technique that I don’t even realise I have been shifting 16kg for 40 minutes. I love how it challenges my concentration. It’s almost meditative for me. I can’t think of anything else but the moves.

See the health benefits of kettlebells here.


After all that heavy lifting I need balance. Yoga makes me feel grounded and connected to my physical body. I danced from a very young age and have always kept my flexibility, but what I love about yoga is how mindful each flex and stretch is. It allows me to iron out the kinks of the the day and slow down.

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For me the most powerful therapy of all is nature, specifically flowers. When I feel sad or need to expel energy I can spend hours arranging flowers into sculptures and bouquets. The power of the colour and scent. They give me nothing but pure joy. As a florist they are my most powerful mood enhancer. Not just for me, but being to make someone smile, make them happy without do that every time. I used to think that yoga and flowers were a luxury, for me they are my energisers, they allow be to lead a healthy fulfilled life.

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Written by @moema_floral_design

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