Date 27.07.2022

How to use an Ab Roller

How to use an Ab Roller

Maintaining a healthy core is very important. Every day we tend to lose great posture from spending life's demands of staying in a seated position. Building a strong core is one way of staying in great shape. One of many exercises that can be accomplished to improve posture is using the Ab Roller. 

What is an Ab Roller and What is it for?

An Ab Roller is a simple tool that consists of two handles connecting a wheel forcing your body to work hard as you roll it forwards, backwards and diagonally. It is a training tool that has the ability to increase strength and build better stability within the body with exercises that can be achieved from it. A simple exercise from the Ab roller benefits the core, triceps, shoulders, lats and hips which are able to target several different muscles at once. It works out your upper body, lower body, and engages the glutes building a strong foundation for the body leads to better posture and keeping you fit!

How to use an Ab Roller?

1. Find an open plain flat surface on the ground.

  • A flat surface is the best to use for an Ab roller because it provides a stable surface to roll on.

2. Kneel down on the ground and place the ab roller on the ground in front of you with both hands on the handles.

  • This position allows your body to get the most out of the Ab roller workout.
  • You utilize your core muscles in this positioning to stabilize your body.
  • You can also cross your legs while doing the exercise.

    3. Roll the ab roller slowly forward, stretching your abs and keeping your back straight.

    • This allows your muscles to receive a deeper stretch as you keep your core engaged and back straight.

      4. Slowly roll backwards to your original position and repeat the process.

      • For a basic routine, try to aim to do 3 sets of 5 reps in the beginning and build yourself up when you have mastered the form and built strength!
      • Try making a weekly routine of setting to do the exercise 3 days of each week and progressing to do more as time goes on!

        If you feel you want to try something similar before using a Ab Roller to exercise, try doing the same movement pattern with the similar motion with your forearms on a stability ball or using your legs with gliding discs. 


        A simple training tool like this can make a huge difference in your everyday life to stay in shape. Doing simple exercises leads to small changes each and every day that leads to many great benefits like improving your balance and coordination. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try this out yourself and see the differences that it can make!

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